What are your 5 best projects being built on radix?

You cannot include ociswap, but would love to hear the 5 you most bullish on ?

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Maybe I can start making a list here.

  • Dogecube with 8B Supply
  • Scorpions NFT 10,000 Unique NFT
  • Xseed 10M Supply
  • RadixGold Limited only 1M supply Gold
  • Artistzen NFT Marketplace

How about you?

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Since NFTs are discussed a lot already I am only gonna exclude them from my list here:

  • Dogecube
  • Delphibets
  • Notoros
  • Adept
  • Impahla

Some of them promise a great product and I am really excited to see more of all of them


Who are they? I don’t know yet and what kind of thing they’re going to build on radix.
Only their names are available in the NFT Dreamix list.

  • Lucky8: explained here
  • Radit: Platform where you can create a message and invest into it, really interesting concept, and a good way to earn passive income. Might write an article about it later :wink:
  • Abandoned Scorpions: The most popular NFT project, highest trading value/floor price, and I basically just love the scorpions design.
  • Radix Panda: Small and friendly community, with regular giveaways.
  • Delphibets: Love chasing the adrenalin which comes with betting, so I am really looking forward to it.

and then also Delphibet and Imphala.

I think @Delphibets is very amitional. The product ties into a growth industry. Everyone will be able to participate in terms of a DAO and presumably there are also earning models (liquidity etc.) :heart_eyes:

Besides this, I am a big NFT fan. The Scorps are my favorites, although the Rippys are on the rise.

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Nerds (including their other projects)
BuffWild (motivated team)
Scorp (strong community)
Raccoon City & RaDuel gets the last spot for creating games on Radix.

Didn’t add Radish on there, as to not be bias but it definitely deserves a spot there.



  1. Delphibets
  2. Mayas Liquid Mining Protocol
  3. Invaderz
  4. DogeCubeX
  5. Impahla
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Here are my favorites:

  1. DogeCubeX
  2. Impahla
  3. Radix Planet
  4. One Million Pixels
  5. DefiPlaza