What can we do as a community to build governance from the bottom up

I know RDX Works is working on the governance issue, but I also really believe we’ll need grassroots formation of various structures, groups, processes etc for collective action. If this isn’t community led to some degree (and then feeding into the top down solutions from RDX Works), then I fear it won’t truly be decentralized governance.

I really believe the issue needs to be worked on from multiple angles, so curious to see what people think about what can be done as a community.


The aim of Radix is to be ready for large scale DeFi, when the masses will go into crypto / web3 whatever you want to call it. For the masses to go into crypto, TRUST is the number 1, 2 up to number 10 issue on their list of priorities. Without trust from the masses (your mother and the guy from down the street), Radix as a network will fail.

Hence I believe that a Trust rating (attached to your wallet as proxy for your identity) should be attributable to all coins and projects and be a key statistics for everybody to look out for. I am not sure of the exact mechanics yet but Trust Rating as a key governance tool should be embedded in my view.


Interesting topic. As a starting point, does it make sense to define some principles around what we think governance should look like? Throwing out some ideas:

  • Separation of powers: history tells us that stable, fair, and long-lived governance systems involve checks and balances by guaranteeing power is not concentrated in any single group or authority (let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater).

  • conservatism: small “c”. Rule changes should be kept to a minimum and only be made after a thorough process of seeking community buy in. People will be more willing to commit to and participate in a system if they know its not going to change in a sudden, dramatic, arbitrary or capricious way.

  • Inclusivity: all stakeholders should be represented and efforts should be made to counterbalance the influence of large economic interests and charismatic leaders (related to separation of powers…).

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