What community archive nodes can I use with the Radix Desktop Wallet?

Some Validators run public, community archive nodes that may be useful when there is a lot of demand on the official Radix Archive Nodes:

Risk Warning - whilst the archive nodes listed below are run by known, long serving community members, please be advised that they are not official Radix nodes and so do require a certain amount of trust. There is an element of risk in the unlikely event that a community archive node runner acted maliciously.

Community Archive Nodes (MAINNET)

  • https://api.radix.community
  • https://archive.stakesafe.net
  • https://node.radixscan.io
  • https://node.caviarnine.com

Changing the Radix Wallet Archive Node:

Open the Radix Wallet application, then:

  1. Select Wallet Settings
  2. Select the Choose Node/Network tab
  3. Type in one of the Community Archive node addresses from the list above
  4. Click the + add node button


  1. Click the Connect to MAINNET button to confirm Archive Node Change


  1. The wallet will restart and you will be prompted to enter your password again

Screenshot 2022-01-01 at 12.14.19

About the Community Archive Nodes