What do you guys think about radix future in next 2 years?

Suggest me some sucessful project right now on radix and which project will lead the radix .

What you guys think about oci and it future


According to team work. I think it’s working fast and it will make maybe radix bridge also . And it will list in binance and other exchanges soon


Radix Inu, dodgecube, ociswap and delphi are great! But many other seem promising such as abandoned scorpions and hoarder.

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a big win or a big loss.
nothing between.

With Xi’an, we should be able to handle unlimited TPS, so sky is the limit. One of the most anticipated project is probably Ociswap, but I think many others will succeed also. (e.g., Delphibets, Radit (already in use), RadLock)


unfortunattely Cerby is gone. was very promissing to me.

The more devoplemt the more it will grow as the libary will get bigger and will be quicker to build projects. Its a compounding effect and 5 yeas is a better indication

Well its very very bright, the next two years are going to be crucial, the team has thought about everything and they have been able to see all the mistakes eth made and build with that in mind. I think radix will be top 10 in 2 years at least, things can move very fast when we reach a tipping point

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In my understanding radix price price is aprox 3-4$ and it’s decentralized financial system will word fastest decentalized abnking system

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From what I’m seing, in the medium term (let’s suppose 2 years) we will see many Radix competitors doing well, especially those that support bridges, but in the long term only a few L1s will make it. Since Radix seems to be addressing the right problems overcoming them with the right attitude, I’m pretty confident it will survive and learn from this difficult period.

Hmmmm,I think for oci it will have a big enough dex place for radix. If for the price I target $ 20 because it is very easy to achieve with a circulating supply of only 25M.

For radix I hope we can solve the problem of the DEFi Trilemma that occurred with the release of Xi’an. And no more delays.

Then we can easily shift several smart contract platforms such as Solana or Cardano.


Oci has an amazing future, the team behind it has the support of radix, to me there is far more money to be made with oci than radix (due to his low supply). The future for OCI is as certain as radix, you will be able to play with dex on beta net this year and really see the ui ect and I feel Florian is going to make this project awesome, the price of OCI will continue to increase and is already up by almost double.

My suggestion is to buy the tokens and old them in you wallet as they are valued in xrd, so if xrd is listed on binance ect , which may happen in this bear market then the price will sky rocket and you can swap some oci back xrd. To me its a win win and doge swap works awesome, thats just my view.

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