What do you honestly think of Radix Wallet?

Title says it all. I’m curious what people think of the wallet client so far. Initially it wasn’t great and froze up a lot. Things have been much better with the latest update although it still freezes up and restarts every now and then. What do you guys think? Does anyone use a different wallet they like better? If so, which one?



Okay, so here is my personal opinion.

In this current state, Radix Desktop wallet is usable. You can send token, stake, check your balance and do everything that you should be able to do. But that is all, and the Team also acknowledges this.

There is room for improvement regarding the UI and the performance as well. It oftens stucks / freezes for me, and the user experience is not so great.

Since there will be a new wallet at Babylon, I can totally live this, but also waiting for the upcoming new release.

For community-made mobile wallets, please check this thread.


I agree with this. It’s usable, but it’s not the best. I sometimes leave it running for long periods while I’m doing other stuff and when I need to come back to it, I get an error saying I lost connection (??), and then I have to re-enter my password.
It’s also a bit slow, but I think that’s related to the Gateway servers.

I think the Radix Team is working on a mobile wallet right now, let’s see what they create. It should also be 100% made “in house”, unlike the Desktop Wallet which was outsourced to other developers.


Oh wow I had no idea they outsourced the development! That may explain a few things. The mobile wallet is also something I haven’t heard about. Any idea when that will be released? Around Babylon I would guess.

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They actually haven’t announced it yet, but they posted a job listing for a Senior Android Developer here. It must be for a mobile wallet, I hope :sweat_smile:


That’s too funny, never thought of scanning the job posts for updates :laughing:

Honestly, the best choice is still the official radix wallet. although it still crashes when we make a delivery then it is moved to the history menu.

It freezes several times, and forcibly closes the process. But loading when you want to move is quite fast. Compared to Radbag which I also use on my android phone, it’s still pretty good even though it takes a long time to load when opening it.
Stream wallet I only use it as a tracking wallet, because I doubt its security. They said an audit would be conducted soon. I’ve never used a Cerby wallet, maybe that’s because I don’t believe in an additional wallet in the browser, when that wallet from the start had very minimal functionality.

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It’s not outsourced, or at least not completely so. There are certainly random contributors, as open source software should have. Not sure who was contracted for development on it, not saying that it didn’t happen, but full time employees of radix team do work on it too.

I agree with all of you. It’s usable, but not perfect, there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Around a month ago I often encountered a strange issue “Cannot currently connect to mainnet. Please check the status page for more information” or other things like “Invalid network, unable to connect” when I tried clicking on the mainnet to connect to view tokens in my wallet. Now seems to work smoothly, I think that the latest Radix Wallet v1.3.1 solves different slowness problems.

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This is really great!


Personal opinion: mobile wallets are like a drug. You are constantly checking your balance. I still prefer having a wallet installed on my laptop, safer (for my mental stability) :joy:

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Yes, that’s how Mobile wallet is too addicting for me to check continuously, in a relatively short time.
Seeing as the price first entered above $0.5 and is now here it might not be healthy to keep looking at it and expect it to return to normal in the near future.
However, this is an unavoidable international level issue.


unfortunattely if had almost every times problems with the desktop wallet. it’s very slow, lost connection and sometimes there was an error message when i logged in.
i never use wallets for mobile phones so i hope they will find a solution to fix it.


Well… as most people say… the desktop wallet is really not good. Far too sllloooooowwwwww is the main issue. Scrolling through the history is more or less impossible. No filter, no search and no export function.
It is kept simple, it is working and I keep using it, as I simply don’t trust any other alternative (yet). But it is absolutely annoying. :snail: :snail: :snail:

Maybe some more thoughts. I was also told, there will be a completely new wallet, but people concentrate on other (more important) development currently.
Well… fair enough… but maybe that should be reconsidered.
As the official wallet is so bad, people are going to use alternatives. Those are not always save, so people might loose money and that will in the end be bad for Radix again.
Make your users = your investors = your contributors happy and give them a good tool to store and use their XRDs and Tokens.

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I think the radix wallet is great, its does not crash or freeze on me and I think you just need to update the software and it wont crash anymore. @nelly I think filters will be great and to be able to search transactions, @ZitaDonDon never had these issues you may need to update. @andrea agree we already spend so much time on our phones.

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Am using RadBag for Mobile and I really like it!

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I agree with @andrea that it is good to not use the drug of mobile radix wallets!!! That phone checking can take up to much mental energy

For me I think the biggest flaws is the UI and UX. It just feels and looks, let’s call it retro :wink:
I can see that this won’t be so appealing to a broader audience and new users of the Radix network…

I think by changing already the appearance to making it look modern and more inviting to interact with it could help to to grow the user base of it.

I like the thoughts of @NellySayon concerning the idea make your users = your investors = your contributors happy and give them a good wallet
Reading this I thought to myself the official radix wallet is also representing Radix as an entity…it probably is one of the first things a new user will interact with after the website and well the website and the wallet are quite different from the looks and feels website is everything else than “Retro”, Imagine a radix wallet which had the same look and feel like the website…I think that could be sick

So to conclude wallet definitely has to work smoothly and fast but also in my opinion should feel and look good to create confidence in users

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since the API stuffs been implemented it’s worked great for me on my desktop. no freezes and i’ve not found it down for maintenance even once since. i use it every few days. my user experience now is very clean. the only fault i’ve noticed is sometimes in the message box it encrypts the message even though i didn’t click the box. such a minor issue it doesn’t phase me and it’ll soon be fixed when they get round to cosmetics. speaking of which i think it looks great and the user experience will be even better after a tweek of making window size adjustable. i guess in the future they’ll have multiple skins (fonts, colours, dimensions and themes) which will give it a perfect as perfect can be user experience. a long time away that phase though i think. functionality is key.


Ha ha, you are right. It looks like a piece of software from early 2000s.
Although I had some issues in the past latest iteration works well for me.
I’m missing some features but I understand that it offers just basic functionality for now.

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Maybe they will go more into the retro direction actually could be cool if it runs really smooth has all the functions and is easy to understand for beginners but looks like a software relict but in cool than also all the hipsters are gonna get targeted by it :wink: