What do you think about meme NFTs?

What do you think about this category of NFTs and what benefits can they bring to an ecosystem like Radix?

Meme NFT’s ? Do you mean radix meme NFTs ? Not sure I understand your question can you explain further. I mean an NFT picture is an NFT picture, not sure if that makes sense.

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Just like in the cryptocurrency world where memes were successful (Doge, Shiba), meme NFTs can be successful as well.

And in the NFT case, I don’t see that you can say that a meme nft has no utility (which you can say against the crypto meme coins), because even a “regulat” NFT has no utility according to many. If they look good: I like them. Otherwise, they are just a simple NFT project for me which I do not want to invest in.

hmmm well, I think almost all of those NFts are memes if I look at it right. Only a few, such as entertheradtrix, use original object images as their NFTs ( I mean it really is a Lamborghini photo).

And maybe for a meme, it can be said that it has its own uniqueness between one project and another. In addition to artistic value and community strength,I don’t think there’s anything else that makes NFts worth more. Except for some that support P2E or P2P.