What do you think about virtual land?

I’m aware of the huge potential behind virtual land: we have decentraland, sand, and other interesting projects about this new concept of the metaverse.

However, I ran into this project called next earth, but I really can’t understand the real potential/value/goal of such a project.

Basically, nextearth is trying to build a platform for users to purchase, develop and sell virtual land mapped ONTO THE EARTH. I saw a lot of YouTubers talking about this, and it seems that a lot people are investing large amount of money just to reserve a virtual version of… The colosseum!

What do you think? Brilliant idea or just another project that is trying to follow the hype?

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I’m aware of the huge potential behind virtual land: we have decentraland, sand, and other interesting projects about this new concept of the metaverse. I think its going to be huge, there are so many projects, I looked into this and it seems good, pretty good team. I think I might invest, other great ones are Mechachain, illuvium.

https://city.ultiverse.io/ - looks good alot of big backers, Binance labs, three arrows to name a few, I dont see a metaverse being that big on their own but with in games yes, I really do not think we can grasp how gaming will change over the next few years.

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Thanks for the insights! Never heard about the projects you cited, but I gave a quick look at city.ultiverse and it seems that they are doing a partnership with biswap, the second largest dex on the binance smart chain! Are they planning to do what? Creating the first defi bank? :open_mouth:


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I was only made aware of this today, so I need to read buy wow you must check out Illuvium , first AAA BLOCK chain game, its going to launch in next 2 months, already in worldwide beta atm, its massive world with 20000 lands sold runs on immutable x. Illuvium: Gameplay Reveal Trailer | Collectible RPG & Autobattler Game - YouTube

You can buy the land here

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For me all this virtual land is following hype as of now. Still see that those use-cases are better which Radix concentrates on.


To me, it is not only about hype. Just think about what recently Adidas did. It purchased some space in the sandbox with the eventual plan to sell wearable NFTs of shoes and clothing that you can buy directly from their decentralized store situated on their land. You’d be able to wear this nft in the sandbox by customizing your avatar, but at the same time, you will also receive the physical copy of the identical shoes.


I think the whole virtual land thing goes along with the whole metaverse idea. I personally am neither a fan nor a hater. I dont quite see, there ever beeing a usecase for it other than for gaming purpose though. Anything even remotely like “Ready Player One” seems very far into the future.

200 years into the future there might not be anything more than games on this planet, since working might be irrelevant. In this case the metaverse is probably gonna be a legit “home” to be in and “play your life”.

Currently its about Hype but as we all know basically a lot of new and innovative things start out with little product and only the vague idea.

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I see it very similar like you new companies are being created just to jump on the hypetrain yet I think a world like in ready player one isn’t to far away.
For sure it will be different and needs still a huge amount of innovations to happen but I think it won’t take 200 years

I expect that we will see mass adoption of VR systems hopefully with haptic feedback around 2070 so so in 48 years and I think this is even a very conservative prediction!
It can happen already way quicker

and most possible the backbone for the monetary system will be crypto and nfts
But right now all these projects are just feeding the hype doesn’t mean that they are not great and won’t make gains just means it will take a long time till it really is adopted in a way of ready player one.

Uh didn’t know about that. Thats cool. For sure we will see more brands trying to conquer the metaverse market for them!

Did anyone ever played Sand or decentraland? Or any other Metaverse project? Because I could actually see not so many are actually spending time in there since it is not yet ripe or feels alive?

I see this kind of adoption only in one situation:

The whole world is up to western standards and is no longer required to work a day job. Having the tech to do so might happen way quicker I totally agree but as with many things the real shit kicks in with mass adoption and not some people playing “god” in the metaverse.

Just like in any modern only game: People play whats popular and easily accessible.

But I the longer I think about it the more I think I might be wrong here and it comes quicker.

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I agree it needs mass adoption and also kind of a high standart of living overall but I can also imagine that metaverse might serve as an escape or evtl. job

Exactly the entry threshold has to be very low

I kind of hope that it comes quicker than we think yet it might also make our world even more sad and screen addicted

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Well I agree that its gonna be an escape. Where “super powers” are just ingame items and you end up having more fun potentially. But whats there to do? Escaping your job to do what? Do another Job in the metaverse? When you dont work there its just a game and nothing other than that.

As I said before the whole life is a game so nothing wrong with that.

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I think maybe it is going to be an escape also just because it will be more exciting more addictive than real-life more engaging maybe?

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Yeah surely but why escape your life to a place where you life basically the same life again?

Maybe because it will be new and exciting.

Maybe because you will be able to reinvent yourself and be who you wanna be

Maybe cause it will be more engaging and addictive than real life

And if “ready player one” comes true who doesn’t want to go on an adventure in there. Go hunt some artefacts. Go on quests with friends

What I am trying to say is that right now these metaverses are still kind of boring or as you said they are to similar to our normal life but once they get more appealing or feature things which we cannot get in real life than I would assume mass adoption kicks in

I totally get what you are saying but I dont quite see the advantage of a metaverse over a well developed MMORPG then. Am I missing something here?

I believe it is a question of how immersive this technology will get.
Because sitting in front of a well developed mmorpg is great but being in it and potentially even feeling stuff is just better

well I am saying even a MMORPG is gonna be fully immersive. Its basically a Metaverse feeling, but not with this exact planet to “play” on.

I dont see why we would make a metaverse on earth, when you can technically build it on anything. I think its gonna be way more appealing not “playing” again on planet earth. So buying virtual earth land isnt quite plausible to me