What do you think about web3?

What Do you think the effect of web3 in upcoming 2-3 year on crypto industry.


IMO Crypto = Infrastructure, Web3 = Intermediary layer for user interaction.

Web3 will be a boom for crypto because it will create new use cases and transaction opportunities, and large parts of the population won’t know care or think twice about the fact the crypto is under the hood & powering this new type of interaction m.

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I believe Web3 is in it buzzword phase right now. I like the concept of it, just not seeing it merging into our everyday life in a few years. Long term, absolutely.

I’m not too sure about the decentralized web3 jargon. because some development is often interrupted and web 2.0 is still popular today.

I think that web3 is still a nebulous topic. A lot of potential, but still in an initial phase. Recently I’ve seen many posts on the internet talking about how Web3 will become the future.

The sad reality is that is a bit hard to find papers with a solid background, most of the people are only riding the hype wave, tweeting about it to gain followers.

Do you know if nowadays there are already some use cases that has been adopted? Political/economical/social this kind of

What is Web3 for you? I’m not sure there are enough real world examples right now.

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What do you mean? Quoting Wikipedia:

Web3 (also known as Web 3.0 [1][2][3] and sometimes stylized as web3) is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web based on blockchain technology.

They look like the same thing to me.

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Well we are moving to a future when there is a layer of smart contactors over the entire web , if radix wants to be that finance system like TCPIP is then it might be WEB3 , web 3 is a connection of all the block chains as a layer of the centralized internet , so radix could be web 3 or something like atom

I’d check out this thread I started.

It’s an elaborate hypothetical set in the future after a bunch of new tech is built, but if you can imagine all of that happening then imagine a nice Web3 fronted that makes a good and easy experience for people to join all of those tools together, which are just under the hood and out of sight of the user

[Elaborate & Dreamy Hypothetical Atomic Composability Use Case](https://Collective Action and Content Production on Web3)

Also, I think part of the reason Web3 is just buzz right now is that people are only thinking of use cases which are incrementally better or just existing ideas “but on blockchain!”

We need revolutionary applications for web3 and that means thinking of completely new ways assets, ownership, contract & eco mimics can work.