What happened with CerbyMask?

the problem with cerbymask getting a warning to move assets to a new wallet, what’s wrong with radix and cerbymask sir?
because I am staking there, do I also have to move my assets as soon as possible?

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The owner of Cerby attempted a rug pull and tried to deceive investors. Whilst the Cerbymask wallet is separate to Cerbyfinance and not compromised (to my knowledge) given that there is no active development there it would be wise to move funds to a different wallet.

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Yes same situation with

I had staked 45$ in cybermask account

And to unstake it will take 14 day

According to them we have to unstake and transfer our assets in new account

The website does not exists anymore

So the others have posted the “short version”, but let me copy the message from Florian Pieper. Source is the official TG group (Telegram: Contact @radix_dlt). It includes all the details you might be interested in.

Cerby Rug Pull Retroperspective

TLDR: Marat rug pulled Cerby, got caught by the community and is now trying to escape prosecution by refunding the remaining funds.

First of all, @wojtekkalka thank you very much for all your efforts. You did an amazing job of getting nearly 1 million dollar back to the community. Congratulations :clap::clap:

As a small retroperspective after things have calmed down a bit let’s take a look at the facts.
He pulled the total liquidity of 900K$ of Cerby on various pools and washed it through Tornado Cash to conceal his tracks. Afterwards he deleted all his social media accounts and the Cerby website / dapp.

That’s called a rug pull and Marat tried to get away with the remaining funds.

So far so good. It nearly worked, but luckily for the community Marat didn’t cover his tracks very good.
Among other things Marat’s wife had a public Facebook profile (which she made private after the rug). She freely shared her whole life online including a receipt of Louis Vuitton with their address, a picture of their new car - with the car license plate and a layout of their house.

Mainly thanks to @wojtekkalka the community was able to track him down very fast. After Marat was caught he offered to refund the liquidity as an attempt to try to escape further prosecution. So he didn’t “selflessly” make Cerby open source, he just tried to calm people down not to sue him.

Yes, projects can fail, as a founder you then need to announce and liquidate the project in an appropriate way - and not pulling the remaining funds, sending them through the mixer Tornado Cash to move them to a new anonymous wallet and run away. The behaviour Marat has shown is simply unworthy of discussion. This is definitely not the level of integretity we need and can expect from project founders on Radix.

Besides that, a while ago I founded an alliance of community wallets consisting of Z3US, Stream, CerbyMask, Xidar and RadBag to harmonise the different wallet browser APIs. The goal was to make the life for dapp developers easier (having one common interface and not 5 different slightly different implementations).
If someone wants to continue working on CerbyMask feel free to contact me and I can add you.

Finally, everyone who got some funds back should donate a fair share to @wojtekkalka. He definitely deserves it. Thanks everyone :+1:

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The founder shut down the project and bailed. Since they won’t be building any further, it would be better to move funds to the official Radix desktop wallet or to other wallets like Stream wallet which has a more active creator like Vlad from Nerds Republic.