What happens if the validator we choose for staking goes offline?

what will happen in future if our chosen validator does something bad by shutting down the system, what will happen to xrd given by staker?

Then whether there will be sanctions against validators who do this, considering this has happened to the “Viscosity” validator in the future, will there be strict sanctions for those who do this, and of course this is detrimental to investors for unstaking for 500 epochs? ?

What do you think?


It is easier to answer the what happens part.

Since your XRD never leaves your wallet, your XRD is not at risk. Slashing is not yet implemented (follow discussion here: Does Radix implement slashing?). You will not receive any staking rewards after all, and your XRD will just hang there until you unstake.

I believe that there will be a slashing mechanism implemented later, so strict sanctions will be there. But as of now, a regular XRD investor (staker) doesn’t have to worry.

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The “safe” thing about a validator shutting down is that when staking nothing actually leaves your wallet. In the case a validator suddenly shuts down and no longer produce you just need to move to a different validator. Withdrawing your xrd from a validator takes a couple weeks so that’s the main problem with selecting one that goes down.

Note that the node doesn’t own your stake or has any accessibility to it. They remain in your custody but are just locked by the protocol in the “staked” state.

In this section of radix learn, you will see that validator nodes will never steal your tokens.

PS. You know this topic is really interesting, since this is just my understanding reading here and there, it would be great to receive more insights from good validators like @Mattia or @DELPHIBETS

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It is also problematic that this considerably weakens the network. The proposals assigned to the validator are no longer processed. The epoch becomes longer, which not only affects the stakers of the respective validator, but also the entire network.


Intreasting, so how many validators would need to go down for the radix network to a fail ? Is there a limit ?