What is next we see after play to earn?

so how are crypto family,we are seeing many different project development in crypto space like play to earn ,walk to earn etc. this type of crypto adoption is now widely accepted by among people. so now my question is to all #XRD family is what we are going to see upcoming time ?


I don’t believe that is the future, I think DeFi is.

Of course, these projects you mentioned can attract people quickly, and maybe you can make a quick buck now (khm $GMT).

But in the long run, a project which solves a global problem (like the centralization of finance) will succeed.

You should think in a big picture, just like Radix does. How awesome would it be if the future financial system is built on top of Radix? With the right technical background (for example unlimited transactions per second), this is absolutely possible. This is what Radix also aims for.

I think the nest after play to earn will be things like music services and video streaming services , if these are built on radix they will really be the next phase in my opinion

What’s cool is that is already happening! I once read - I don’t remember where - that a decentralized music- streaming service with the backing of Katy Perry has built an FM radio tower on a blockchain-based site, integrating its library of music on a gaming platform lol

Play to earn may be very common, maybe this will be a new era of NFT. Currently, NFT is generally both an image and a video. In the future, there may be a film platform a.k.a Radflix that supports NFT streaming in the form of music or movies.