What is the listing price of Ociswap?

What is listing price of ociswap ? According to market crash how radix stable ?


Dont understand your question? I would say based on ((uniswap marktcap/total eth marktcap)/(XRd price))/100000000 tokens

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It’s too hard and early to make such a prediction now, because there’s too many things that you should take into consideration. Let’s see how the project will develop along the way. In any case, the potential is there for all.


There will only be 25 million on market when launched , i would say 20 dollars at lewast


Honestly I don’t remember the calculation right now. But basically you can check the mcap of Uniswap and mcap of Eth and through that you know what can be the ratio of major dex for an L1. So the ratio for XRD and OCI. I may be wrong but I remember this calculation giving me a 1:2 for Oci: XRD. So, yes, you’re probably getting the OCi at a discount rn because it’s being sold cheaper these days. However, it remains to be seen if Ociswap is in fact the major Dex on Radix and becomes as big as Uniswap.

What 100000000 tokens ? Oci is only 100 000 000 and only 25 million at launch

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I remember this before they said $10 is the minimum, but rest assured it’s still very low and Ociswap is worth much more than that, and will be the dex with the biggest revolutions.