What makes Radix’s NFTs safer?

Recently, NFT owners have fallen victim to countless scams. Just think about what happened in April with the Bored Ape NFTs.


Radix is pushing really hard for ensuring the nft space. But let’s suppose radix has the same exposure and popularity of bayc: will it be really so hard to penetrate radix and “drain” its wallets?

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Maybe it’s my personal opinion for the radix that has, the whole run on L1 and is asset oriented programming. Then it will be safer than some cases that occur with smart contracts in L2. I think it’s because L2 system is changing contents using wallet in cloud, when we create wallet by touching untrusted dapps we have big risk.
Maybe the difference is that later we can see the radix NFTs object directly from the wallet, because it is indeed in it without entering the sc code like other networks that use contracts on their NFTs.

It has also been discussed previously, maybe you are interested in reading the article here:



Okay so the referred hack was formed in Instagram at step 0, it had nothing to do with the crypto network here. To reduce the risks:

  • we should step away from all centralized parties like Instagram (not recommended, we need exposure)
  • warn users constantly that we never asks data in our social platform.

Your seed phrase is your key, if you give it out, you can be a victim on every network.

But… if you don’t need to give out explicitly your seed phrase in this hacking situation, you are actually already safer in Radix, just like mentioned article explains. (If the hack were attempted on Radix, this fails as the user is presented with a transaction that is blatantly not a free airdrop.)


Seth Green’s BYA NFT stolen while making show

I have been following this story and super intreasting and a lot can be learnt. So be wary about phishing attackers, if Seth green could be tricked we all need to be careful , he paid 300k to get his NFT back and then I understand one of them was returned, quite a saga and interesting read , however the coolest part abut this is the show he is making based around his NFT, this can only be bullish indeed for adoption its called White Horse Tavern, super keen to watch this.

What do you thin about the show and how it could be good for crypto ?

Seth Green's Bored Ape was stolen. Now he can't make his NFT show. | Mashable.

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