What NFT projects on radix have original art work?

Our project has original art, What NFT projects on radix have original art work ?

I can say I’m not sure either, maybe I can say that it definitely has an original design maybe.
but in my view almost everything has its own value as a collection. some are very hard to come by making their value even higher.

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Most of them do. Better questions are “which don’t?” and “which projects have an original style?”

For example, radapes has original art but not an original style. Same with Meta Whales that have the same blender style as https://wonderwhale.io/ or ScryptoPunks copying the style of CryptoPunks.

Often the styles being identical is a sign of unoriginality (or even incompetence, if they bought the same blender materials or bought pixel art because they don’t actually have good artists) and erodes confidence in the team/product. Other times, it doesn’t. You gotta make that decision yourself, I suppose. And are you investing in the art or the utility?

Radix ratz is 100 percent original art and also Roidboiz, buffbulls I think , but hey its all bit of fun right :slight_smile: just trying to make the best project we can

Ratix is ​​really good and original but, to be honest they don’t socialize or introduce ratix to our community, especially the Indonesian community radix group.

Many of them really like to collect NFTs🙏🏻

Kitsune Fox.
I found them yesterday.


It’s a difficult question since already so many projects exist across crypto. We don’t know if anyone has borrowed the art from some obscure project. A better question is which ones don’t have original art. Scryptopunks are obvious. Radapes even though inspired by BAYC are visibly very different. Mutant Cats are certainly inspired. Any others?


Yes of course you can only go by what we know, Well everything is inspired by something. I think important to have original artwork and ideas

I believe there is no good answer to this question. You can’t really know after a while if an art existed before on another chain, NFTs really blowed up since 2021.

I think Radical Penguins (https://www.radicalpenguins.com/) are also original, they haven’t been mentioned yet. What I think is more important is what a project is capable of.

Like for example we will never forget how they raised a lot of money for a good cause. (How Radical Penguins raised 2.24 Million USD for charity. | The Radix Blog | Radix DLT)


Don’t every project has original art work, do they?
If not, how can they make money over someone else’s work?

I think I’m missing this point.

Or is it uniqueness in terms of “something different” you’re referring?

No Many projects are virtual clones, like scrypto punks, the ape ones and quite a few others, I can art that has been sketched from nothing and designed not to clone other art, art that looks a bit more unique. Feel free to check out our art , it is original :slight_smile: Radixratz.com

we had for example scrypto punks. the original was crypto punks. then we had radderflies, they bought a template and created their artwork. so there are many ways to copy something.

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And then we have your PFP, which is completely unoriginal and created using a tool that everyone has access to. A shameful cash grab IMO

i don’t think so. a lot is going back to the community. they received the first airdrop with planet token.

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Let’s say most of us are more interested in the perks of ownership than the art itself.


Yes indeed i have 19 spunks and 5 scorps, but it would be great to have awesome original art and good original art that reflects how cool and top notch radix is.

I was replying to ZitaDonDon, sorry, maybe I messed up the reply

here is their website https://www.radfam.art/

this is the app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.game.SuperMii&hl=en_US&gl=US

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Thank you to whoever mentioned Radish. I do believe it is an original design, as I have not seen a Radish NFT collection on any chain or any style comparable to it.

However, I’m surprised Radical Robos is not listed on here. By far one of my favorite art, the line art is sleek, the colors are “dull” which adds to its charm.

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again, i don’t see any problems. it’s all mentioned on the website and twitter profile.

if you don’t like it, stay away.

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The problem is that this project is charging money for nothing of value.