What original dApp do you want to see on Radix?

If you were a dev (or maybe you already are) , what interesting dApp would you build on Radix?


As we can see, the table give us a lot of room for imagination. Apart from the already discussed nft and game projects, I am curious to hear some crazy idea.

What about a DeFi project that bring institutional investors to the crypto space? It can be done maybe by taking advantages of some unique Oracle built exclusively on Radix. I think projects like this will have much more popularity in upcoming years.


IMO, I’m already on that road.
I would first try to solve the “bridge between real world and on-chain environment” by my NeuRacle.
Next, I would try to solve the “privacy, identity” problem, secure personal data through some use of the “Soul bound token” (but I haven’t really thought about how to solved this yet).
Next, I would try to solve the “control” problem for govt’s CBDC (so they can assure they have their control on their CBDC on the network).
Last: digitalize, decentralize many type of asset from “real world” into “DeFi world” through the use of NFTs.

Basically I’m trying to make “a DeFi solution” for the “real world”.
But sometime I just got stuck and think that maybe I’m challenging myself too hard :upside_down_face:


Wow, this is great! I am really curious about your Neuracle, it’s still something work in progress or do you have any website/whitepaper already published that I can consult?

Since Xi’an is not ready yet, IMO this is my prototype NeuRacle

IMO I will not run the project myself, but let other buy my “blueprint” to build their dapp, there are many other things need to concern in term of a “full, ready to use dapp” like tokeneconomics, marketing, blog, website,…

Eg: Delphibet can use my “blueprint” to create their own Oracle, so they can let other use their Delphi token to stake into, and also for validators in Delphibet ecosystem can validate off-chain “bet data” into their dapp.

It’s like I’m providing solution for other to build “global DeFi”, not like I’m running a project myself.


i would build a dApp where i can take loans in FIAT and pay them back in Radix.

i would build a dApp with different insurance companies like car / moto / health / travel etc.
there i can directly sign the contract and pay them in XRD.


Maybe my thinking is to make Games and NFTs on radix, indeed this seems to be the most common wish. But I think the Game world has no limitations in the works and NFTs can also be a part of it at the same time. I think concepts like metaverse are very popular but also challenges and things I’m really passionate about.

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I think a decentralized dex for tokenized stokes could be cool.
Also with the potential to long or short the assets

There was also on protocol on Luna which I think was quite interesting Kujira’s Orca

basically you could buy up liquidated positions for a discount I have to admit I never worked my self fully into it but it sounded pretty cool


Also definitely a game would be cool.
Would love to see a rogue like nft game where there is somehow a real mortality to the nft character so you can level them up but with every run you don’t make the die a bit more


I would love to see video streaming apps on radix, gaming, oracles, they are working with projects on this, would love to see ,quite a few projects are doing gaming and NFT, would even been great to see a voting system on radix for elections.

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This one sounds pretty cool. Your mention to cars and moto let me think about another crazy idea: what about a sort of decentralized uber, with a “find your taxi” section, low transaction fees and payments with crypto?

This idea also is very nice. Honestly I think there’s a lot of potential and room for manovre with the idea of a “voting system”. From the moment that you can vote everything, apart from your mentioned “elections” voting system, it would be really cool also to have a decentralized version of kickstarter app where you let people create a project to crowd source fundings. If we want to make it more interesting and complex, we can add a sort of complex voting system for the project spendings.

could be a great idea but i think the costs are too high. If you have your own fleet of vehicles, there are many additional costs.