What's the best way to spend Radix budget?

  1. Advertise with big name sponsors like football clubs ?
  2. Pay youtubers to do sponsored videos ?
  3. Pay for front page advertisement on brave browser ?

From a dev perspective, its really just about sharing news as much as you can to dev communities, ads will be blocked as devs are smart enough to use an adblocker. Imo, as a community, we should:

  1. Post on Rust, webdev and other dev related subreddits with as much information as possible regularly with any small updates (update to scrypto version etc)
  2. Regularly post on hackernews, once again with as much information as possible on new technical updates
  3. Engage with other developers, outside of the defi space in socials and write code example equivalents to what they share

The best thing as a community that we can do is engage with other communities and not just talk to people already in our circle


From a dev perspective I think it would be amazing when we can start sharing the code created in scrypto in youtube like for example if we could share a process on how to mint your own NFT, this is a bit of topic so apologies but I think when other devs see how the code works live on youtube on how its deployed that will really help.

Yes you are absolutely right. We need more youtube presence with someone other than just radix. I want to start a Scrypto “master” class lessons as a start but as we all are. I am busy with a lot of things and these things will indeed take time to record/edit etc

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People often buy because they’re afraid they’ll miss the boat. So, we should focus pur attention on how to make people feel like they’re about to miss out on something. This is something most of them will discover after xi’an release.

MY strategy:

  1. Enhance engagement/interest using reddit ama
  2. Sponsored interview with trustworthy YouTubers
  3. Keep organizing online and offline events
  4. Bring radix logo into this offline events (see the last event related to the racing)
  5. Follow a sane social media strategy (Instagram, reddit, and so on)
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The idea behind starting “masterclass” is very interesting. We should also consider organizing workshop about scrypto and radix, with the chance for participants to earn some xrd, for example.

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Well, i think all of the are or could be important.
For the moment i see 2. and 3. as very important.

if you have a certain market capitalization you can do a deal wit big names in sports.

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From my point of view, the best way to spend Radix budget:

  • Marketing: exchange listings, paid youtubers, more social media presence
  • Developers: creating step by step tutorials, advertise Radix advanced development in other crypto forums.

I would also make more video content about how Radix is better than every other existing L1. So we can basically link that to anyone, I kinda miss it now.

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