What's your favorite kind of airdrop? Dogecube vs Ociswap 🎊


I love both :heart_eyes:
Which community are the best in RADIX ecosystem comment down :+1:

After all meme brawl is the best airdrop from DogeCube.
Creative and a lot of funny things happen, for example getting a warning from a telegram imprisoned for 1 full month. And others

i like ociswap. especially the mobile game was very fun to play.

They have different place in the Radix ecosystem, I think you can’t really compare them to each other.

If we solely concentrate on community airdrop, I would go for Ociswap for now. Since the DogeCube weekly airdrops are over, you can earn and play more on the other side.

But both project are awesome and I believe they will be the flapship of Radix.

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It was really fun but made me think really hard. Because the puzzle is quite complicated and requires the right time to execute.

Ociswap all the way, no question about it, I am deep into ociswap as the token actually has a function and a good trust team behind it

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Although in real life I like dogs more than cats, in the crypto world it is the other way round. Go ociswap!

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