What's your favorite NFT project on Radix right now?

I will be honest, I discovered the first Radix NFTs simply using Twitter, after seing that in the last few months the Radix community is coming out with huge daily giveaways (Bobby Flay, for example).

Some weeks ago I followed with interest projects like the Abandoned Scorpions, and Scrypto Punks, but as you noticed there are a lot of other good projects on the market. What do you think about the others, and why should be a good choice to support them?


I like Radish NFT.
Nice art and i like their ecosystem.



My favourite is currently Radix Panda (surprise after my PFP, right?), because they have such a cool community and I think they are pretty undervalued, I see it boom as soon as it solds out. (only ~50% sold out, 20 XRD / panda)

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I think Buff Wild also has substance. The community is pretty involved and Thomas seems to really put his back into it.


yes I have it at least, and waiting for Wen Harvest.
But indeed this radish is quite expensive compared to some other NFTs and some features are also not present until scrypto is released.
Although actually I doubt why I can’t see all the NFTs on the website like the others.

But I like this Radhead looks cheap and cool

i don’t think its expensive. look at the utilities :sunglasses:

I think it won’t be expensive when it comes with a smart contract in babylon. But at the moment there are none and there is still a possibility for them to disappear before Babylon comes.

Forget it, it’s just my little worry. Since some projects run prematurely.

Putting stuff on a roadmap is pretty easy. When roadmaps look too ambitious it can be a red flag actually in my opinion. I did invest myself to be fair but still I will hold on before going balls deep there.


of course it’s very easy. but i’m very confident that they will achive their goals. i see also small progresses how they handle their NFT distribution / Token distribution and other things.