Where/how can I swap from OCI to XRD?

Where can I swap from OCI to XRD? How?
What’s the minimum amount of tokens for the swap?


you can also use CaviarSwap (https://caviarswap.io) or also RadixPlanet (https://www.radixplanet.com)

uf you want you can swap 1 OCI but that doesn’t make sense.


Swap XRD for OCI using DogeCubeX

There are couple of ways to buy/sell OCI for XRD. You can buy OCI from others in the Telegram OTC channel or you can use an automated market maker, like DogeCubeX. In this tutorial, we will see an example for the second method.


Lets say we would like to buy OCI for 5 XRD.

  • Open DogeCubeX | Home
  • Fill the amount of XRD you would like to sell for OCI. The system will automatically calculate how much OCI you will get in return.


  • Open your Radix Desktop Wallet. Click on Send Tokens and fill the “To” address with the pool account from the image. Fill the “amount” with 5 XRD. You also have the option to send an optional message, where you can set up slippage details.


  • Enter your PIN code and confirm transaction.


  • After a few seconds, your OCI will arrive in your wallet.


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