who had the most influence in crypto ?

i would say:

  • Satoshi Nakamoto:
    without him / her or this organisation there was no crypto in general.

  • CZ
    he had a lot of trust in cryptos and blockchain technology. i think without this trus there was nevsr been binance as top 1 exchange

  • El Salvador
    it was very brave to accept btc as official payment.
    unfortunately in a bad market environment

what do you guys think?
other names or countrys and why?

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Vitalik Buterin for sure is one of the most influential people

Of course Michael Saylor has done so much to support crypto and the fact he is a rocket scientist makes me confident he knows what he is talking about. Elon as well, he has 100m twitter follows and plans to integrate it into social media. @shrimp Yes and no, he did not have much foresight to see how eth could be a global force and eth future still uncertain, but with hindsight its easy to see this.


If we don’t consider that influence is ‘good’ in this context I would say Elon for sure, for the reasons we discussed in many topics already.

Other than him, founders of big projects (Vitalik Buterin - very strong tech perspective, CZ - he also has a great marketing), and I would even say Coin Bureau, very large audience, great explanations of each many projects)

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So I can say the biggest influencer that could possibly influence the crypto market is, Elon Musk. One of the biggest because he can make a big issue with his twitter, tesla, spacex.
Then Cz because everyone wants to get an explanation and answer from Binance
and lastly, El Salvador is also arguably the biggest influence because it makes the country the most welcoming place for the crypto industry freely.

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I will not forget him because his charitable donation movement through shiba inu changed the world view of the crypto industry. I hope there are more things like him because it drives crypto indirectly and gives a place in society as well.

Oh yes lets not forget guy from Coin Bureau, I really think he has done alot and really given crypto some credibility. The winklevoss brothers have also been a great influence

We could also add Sam Bankman Fried he is also quite a charity man

And also jack Dorsey did quite some to educate the public

Potentially also Cathie Woods?


From my point of view, one of the most influential one undoubtfully is Elon Musk. No matter what, in one way or another, he’s able to move a large slice of the entire market.

Just look at this news:

But at the same time: