Who here is familiar with the infamous @RadixCa on Twitter

I came across a Twitter account which appears to be dedicated to suing Radix and reporting them to regulators in the US. From what I can tell, it seems to be based on the fact this person was unaware instabridge.IO was only a one way bridge from eXRD to XRD. Once he swapped for XRD, he wanted to sell but realized instabridge has not implemented XRD to eXRD swaps yet. Ever since, he’s been ripping on Radix and the community trying to get people to join his pursuit. Here is the Twitter link for those not familiar with him:


What do you guys think about this? While I hate what he’s doing and believe this was completely his fault for not doing his homework about instabridge, I also acknowledge the fact that instabridge has been taking their sweet time implementing XRD to eXRD swaps. I believe Bitfinex has had 2-way XRD swaps since the day they listed XRD. I feel like they’ve had enough time to get this implemented but I could be wrong. What are your thoughts?


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Dont worry I made some comments about how silly he is, I think its the same guy i spoke to months ago who apparently as an issue with dan going back to emuny and how radix has done nothing, I told him to put his big boy pants on, lol

His name was raised many times in the trader channel before. All this guy is doing is just pure FUD just because there is no enough exchange listings for him. He could sell his XRD any time, if he wanted.

I acknowledge those who against Radix if they have clear, sensible reasons. No project is perfect. But what he does is nothing like this.

I say best to ignore him / don’t interact, and he will be bored eventually.

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Just enjoy that one extra follower on twitter :slight_smile:


I remember he was the one who kept complaining because in his country he couldn’t access Bitfinex while at that time, the mainnet radix network only had Bitfinex as a bridge to get home.

After all it’s just the account of someone who doesn’t understand how to re-trade his xrd but maybe he will quit soon as more radix listing doors will be opened for the mainnet network of xrd.

And a lot of people like that on Twitter, and I think it’s kind of fun in itself, because that’s how the community should create pros and cons, until clarification comes.