Why can’t unstaking just take a few days?

We all know it takes up to 2 week for an unstaking request to be completed. I’m wondering why it has to be so excessive? I totally understand the underlying logic but 2 weeks is just excessive overkill imo. Why can’t it be just a few days or up to 1 week? I can’t even think of a single example where a 2 week unstaking period is better than a 1 week period. Can you? Personally, I think 72 hours would be best.

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i can’t talk about the tech. maybe @Faraz can do it. but i totally like such a long unstaking time. imagine we are going to the moon and everybody want’s to unstake for selling.


If we’re going to the moon then great, but if we’re going anywhere else we’re in deep trouble. Having an unstaking lock is definitely smart. But having it last 2 weeks I’m not so sure about. If the goal is to prevent token dumping why not just have it last 48 hours like Solana? Anything under 1 week is fine with me. Would be cool if XRD holders could put this to a vote through Radix Wallet somehow.


The reason for the unstaking delay is to give enough time to detect malicious behaviour, and if there was some kind of exploit, it means a bad actor is unlikely to be able to profit from it in time. Furthermore, it prevents large amounts of stake from moving around the validator set too easily, which could influence consensus.

At present, there is no slashing of stake on Radix - but this is something that is coming, in which any malicious behaviour could be penalised. When this is implemented, it may be possible to reduce the unstake delay but the team have not yet confirmed.


thanks for your explanation. :muscle:t3::muscle:t3:


Out of curiosity I asked myself the same question and I supposed what @Faraz confirmed.
I agree with such a long term of unstaking.
It gives some kind of stability.


Oh wow that’s actually really cool. Any idea when that will be implemented? Post Babylon at the very least I would assume. Cheers!

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I think it will be sooner than that - the next few node releases are gearing up towards this, but probably still a few months away.


Thanks for the explanation, @Faraz. To be honest, I also agree with such a long term of unstaking. Safety first.

perhaps the most appropriate reason for network security and stability. indeed sometimes a little annoyed to wait a long time.:confused: