Why do you think Radix has one of the best crypto communities?

I mean of course most will say they are the best, but I think most from my experience the people on radix are smart nice normal people and not moon boyz. I think its for a number of reasons, i think its because we all think radix is special; like really special and we are all just happy about being early, also i think mods explain stuff well and because Dan and Piers are pretty humble chilled guys and not arrogant like we are the best nd every well else is rubbish and below us, your thoughts ?

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@ratty I think radix has a pretty good community but, in my opinion the best crypto community is BTC, without realizing we all in crypto are BTC lovers by always linking BTC as the reason for all market conditions.
Their patience over the years was pretty insane, but now it’s paying off with their profits with BTC.
I totally agree that radix will be the next best crypto community. And some of us followed the development of radix from the beginning and became radix maximalists with bearish but the positive feeling that came for radix might be one of the reasons why radix became the best crypto community.

Never been pat of BTC, but BTC only controls the market to a degree because it is the most valuable , I have heard a lot of BTC people are really not interested in any other projects which to me is not cool, yes I think radix is a great horse to bet on for sure but I am invested it alot of other projects as well, like I think atom is great

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The mutual support is incredible. I’ve hardly seen that in any other community. But I also have concerns because it probably won’t always remain this positive among each other…


The simple fact that there is so little that attracts moonboys right now makes the community a lot more stable emotional-wise. The result is a tighter and more friendly community that in my eyes cares less about price than what I am used to from other projects (surely making money is still present though).


The reason why I believe Radix community is the best is simple. I have been in many TG groups, but the conversations there were pretty simple, they only concentrated on the price action, and litearally nothing else. Most member knew nothing about the underlying technology of their favourite cryptocurrency.

At Radix, this is different. In the main TG channel and in Discord, you can actually have quality technical converstations about Radix whitepaper, Cerberus, sharding, etc. I think this is what differentiate us.


Yes i agree it does seem like people are intreated in the actual technology and how it could change the world instead of making a quick buck , they have a longer team view much like the radix team

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Maybe this is because the main channel separated itself from price talk, and to talk about price issues, we had to move to the trader group.

Indeed, updates about the development carried out by the previous class are always classy and do not use telegram as an AMA medium compared to other competitors, who use telegram as a medium. Bridge between Community and developer.

What I admire perhaps more is that I rarely see Fud or fake news getting into the main channel and let the community stay naturally organic.


My experience with the Radix community (official telegram channel, both eng and ita) is that the majority of us seem to be well-informed, non-speculative, non-hype driven defi/crypto people.

In this early stage is good having an high quality standard community. I imagine as awareness increases, more moonboys will come in just for the speculation and trading action, which will lead to a lower level of discourse. It is something predictable.

I dont think the mods will allow this, although I can see there has been quite a few of the in the ociswap group. The mods have been great at controlling the users and answering all the questions in full. The only projects that need hyping are ones with no real substance, Piers has always said that he does not want to hype things up and make the price pump unnaturally.