Why do you trust Radix

This might be a bit of a critical question:
At the moment we are all just trusting the roadmap and the promised technical advancements. Which is the case in most early projects.

Yet why did you decided to trust radix in achieving all the made claims? Since they are really big claims about highly disruptive technical achievements!

Please understand my intention is not to talk radix down with this post but rather just hear where the trust comes from

  1. Well one think it Radix does not try and pump themselves, they do things slowly and are looking at quality and the long game , to me it says they have something awesome, they know far more than me or you do.
  2. They have a thriving youtube channel, fully doxxed , the really believe in their product.
  3. Dan has been working for a decade on this, thats incredible.
  4. The community is awesome and decent and they trust the team
  5. The Radix team itself is impressive with people from big tech companies, its also a big team.
  6. They are spending alot of money promoting radix, paying staff, they have office ect ect, they are clearly here for the long term and investing in the project.

Also trust is earned and they have meet the goals.

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One of the reasons why I believe in radix is that the research that builds them is quite deep, then the team that joins the project development is also very transparent.

Other things like price are just a bit of a plus from the current process.

  1. Dan is working on the project since 2013, and its diligence is something to be rewarded.
  2. If they really will achieve everything on their roadmap, the project truly has the potential to be one of the biggest projects in crypto ever.
  3. Although their marketing is still “work in progress” , I appreciate their efforts to keep investors always informed about any technical stage of development. I recommend you to give a look at this thread: AMA sessions with Dan and Piers.
  4. Great community: it’s more easier to trust an always active and propositive community
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I think this has been discussed in several topics, with different words. Here are my points though:

  • So far they met every phase of roadmap
  • Demonstrated the potential of technology (Cassandra)
  • Showed 1.4M tps with the previous protocol
  • They have been doing this for 10 years now, and didn’t lose track / interest
  • they are technologically advanced as seen from AMAs, articles