Why is Radix such a game changer

I have a confession to make. I don’t know why Radix is such a game changer compared to other L1’s.

I learned already lots about it in the past days:
Radix atomic composeability which is something highly needed but nothing super unique
Scrypto as a easier web3 programming language which a different reward strucutre for devs
no ceiling in scalability
The sharding which don’t fully understand just know that there are lots of them :wink:

But somehow I still cannot really see the game changer!

So like Bitcoin maxis would say Orange pill me :slight_smile:

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“Atomic composability” the ability to combine many transfer into one transaction is the “unique” thing to DeFi, on TradeFi (or traditional banking), you cannot have the same ability, you cannot lend a big amount of cash, make an arbitrage trade and repay the loan and get the profit at the same time! (and that’s only one use case of AC)

The “reward structure for devs” are automated, trustless and decentralized, you don’t have to “permit grant” or basically “paid” the devs their reward :shushing_face:

“No ceiling in scalability”? Yes, we do have no ceiling, we have infinite scalability?

That’s scaling solution of many L1 as ETH, ADA, KDA,… and I also know that there are “lots of them” but not anyone can do “cross-shard composability” like Cerberus :upside_down_face:

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You can’t see because it haven’t happened yet, Radix full-fledged game changer ability will happen on around 2024 Xi’an.

So you can just wait for the Blue pill on 2024 Xi’an, I suggest :relieved:

It’s considered a game changer because building any sort of dapp/game it’s simple, user-friendly, convenient and fast with scrypto.


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Thats a good point so right now it is all just in trust and hope Xi’an will work like it is promised because if it works like marketed it will be a huge disruptor to the Defi space
Till than it is indeed waiting for the blue pill!

Yeah, basically your investment in Radix right now is the hope and trust that Radix team will deliver their tech on Xi’an, not the tech itself. Still, the Cerberus paper on arxiv and the Cassandra testnet do reduce the risk that Xi’an won’t work.

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@unghuuduc @Untung Exactly, we have to wait till 2024 Xi’an release to discover whether our predictions were true or not.

From my point of view, Radix DO have the potential to become a real game changer, since there are a lot of enthusiast devs on scrypto that gave excellent feedback. At the beginning, I had doubts about their marketing strategy, because how can a real game changer be so underrated? Now I started enjoying the idea that most of the resources should go into the product itself, not into marketing - if the product itself is extraordinarily good, after the release fans will do the marketing by themselves.


True lol, as the devs of NeuRacle I can verify your claim :laughing:


Thats hopefully very true and than network effects will kick in and will help Radix to grow

going to be exciting to see if our predictions will come truth

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