Will Radix be able to launch Xian in 2023 right after Babylon?

I understand that xian is a greater leap than Babylon ?

It’s been mentioned as something for 2024, but the team can only know for sure some time after they’ve launched Babylon.

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So the timeline that says 2023 is not correct ? Or is that now outdated as the push babylon back ?

The one on the site already says 2024: Radix DLT | Radically Different DeFi. I think the one in TG should be updated, but it’s already been brought to Jacob’s attention.


The roadmap timeline are only provisional. I think they always say it’s hard to predict the timeline for the next release until the previous one is fully launched. Personally I’m not worried about the timeline of Xian launch - 50TPS is a lot more than it sounds if it truly means 50 smart contract transactions/second like has been said before. I imagine Babylon will have a fee market implemented at some point even if it’s not right away. If we get to the point that we’re hitting TPS capacity consistently then the fee market would sort it and it would mean that Radix has been wildly successful, so it would be a great problem to have

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Also, if we get to that stage with high levels of adoption and a need for more TPS it will just mean Xian is highly anticipated and hype will be high, which is a good thing as long as the solutions will be available soon. In other DLTs it would be a dead end and death sentence, whereas for Radix it would just mean waiting a short time longer


So will babylon phase be already faster than all the other smart contact platforms ?

How confident are you that xain will be a success ? It is a bigger leap than babylon and if so by how much ? Honest questions as I heard xian will no be easy to implement

No I don’t think so. Faster than ETH obviously, but perhaps not as fast as some of the higher TPS platforms. The difference is these other platforms don’t have a pathway to further scalability. At least further scalability that doesn’t disrupt how dApps work in terms of composability and aggregated liquidity.

What’s really important is does Babylon have enough TPS to contain a thriving ecosystem, which it absolutely does - it has at least 3x the capacity of ETH. The buildability innovations are much more important than the scalability ones right now. Why scale what isn’t worth building?

50,000 TPS isn’t necessary if you’re only using 5 TPS for example.

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I’m not technical enough to answer that, but Cassandra seems to be a big proof that Xian is realistic.

Dan seems very confident that most of the hard problems of Xian have been solved already in Cassandra.

Most important atomic cross-shard commits have already been proven through Cassandra which is the main innovation of Cerberus which was previously only theoretically/mathematically proven


Yeah, look at where ETH and ADA can sit on the promise of future tech. We can have 3x+ the ecosystem of ETH while having a scalability solution just around the corner. I think we’ll all be happy if we end up in that position :slight_smile:

If it refers to the latest Roadmap maybe but Babylon is the initial stage to see the radix ecosystem whether radix can really be a game changer in Defi.

Referring to that maybe we better make sure the babylon stage runs smoothly. no one wants to rush into it.
Xi’an is a full power radix I’m sure of it.

and maybe you can use the Radix Babylon roadmap as a basic reference.

Dan is already doing experiments actively with Cassandra, that will definitely help Xi’an to come. 2024 is pretty long, I think it is a realistic time frame.

If for some reason Xi’an is not succeeded (which would be bad of course), we would still have a functioning ecosystem with 50TPS, which is already 3 times higher what Ethereum can provide.

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Yes i made a post about this, I was not aware that even Babylon phase radix could still be an amazing project and then IF xian is successful and I dont doubt it will be then radix will be by far the fastest ledger in history and I cannot wait for that day , now just based on Babylon I am bullish.

You have to remember that the 50TPS is a sustained average over a designated period of time, say several hours. Dan has stated that Babylon will be able to handle temporary peeks of ~100TPS … :slightly_smiling_face: