Will radix plan to incorporate other languages?

eg. Python since is one of the most used. Other chain like Algo also have a second language incorporated (PyTeal, a Python version of their own). Cardano also seems to bring in common languages.

What will be the advantages for Radix of combining a second language?

I doubt it , Radix wants users using scrypto so that we can have a closed environment like unreal engine where people can build much quicker as all the elements are already there. Just my view, maybe someone can answer better

I think the whole thing is really crypto focused, I’ve looked at some of the blueprints and think it’s getting shorter and faster. without needing to change many elements in it.

Scrypto is currently implemented as a set of libraries and compiler extensions for Rust that add syntax and data types to take advantage of specific features of the Radix network runtime environment, called the Radix Engine. These features, syntax and data types together enable and drive an “asset-oriented” programming style that is primarily concerned with simple and straightforward asset management such as tokens and NFT as first-class platform features.

In short, Scrypto is aimed at the development of the general ledger component of feature-rich and predictable DeFi (decentralized finance) applications.

That way scrypto is more worth the wait and in the near future we’ll see it coming and being able to experiment with it.

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@Ratty Interesting point to keep debating on. As you, I am feeling optimistic about the success of having a closed environment. However, I have been trying to understand what it takes to attract developers in the short term, since incentives for devs are everywhere, not only with scrypto. The premises are good, I’m just eager to know how the Radix marketing team is planning to make this happen.

@Dwiki Looking forward to it. In my opinion, Radix should invest in some foundational dapps like dex to deploy right after Babylon is deployed. This will help jumpstart the ecosystem allowing people and devs to experiment with it.

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Rust as a base language provides everything that we need from the start. It has a steep learning curve, and the syntax is not complex. Scrypto on it provides the flexibility we need, so I don’t see a secondary language added any time soon.

Do remember, that you can always create a library which interact with the Radix API. Like we have Omar’s awesome RadixLib which is already an existing Python library, and lets you interact with the ledger fairly easily.

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