Will wrapped tokens be allowed the radix network for liquidity on dexs?

This would really help with liquidity and connection to other networks will give us a lot of exposure and will also deepen the liquidity, do we know if this is planned for radix ?

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I believe this is part of the goal for Instabridge - deposit ERC-20 (Or other) tokens into Instabridge, receive wrapped version in Radix. Part of the reason I’m excited for Radix - you can like what the Ethereum project does, but just speculate on it in a frictionless financial market in the Radix ecosystem & using Radix financial dApps.

I think this also makes backed stablecoins on the Radix ledger an opportunity sooner than expected. E.g. if they implement the above functionality then you can do $ → USDC on Ethereum, then USDC → wUSDC on Radix. Boom!

Of course Instabridge may just offer a backed stablecoin anyways.

Also, check out Notoros. They’re building on Radix & plan on implementing “Ethereum Prime” which will be Eth but running on Cerberus for near infinite scalability and throughput. They’re also working on bridges so you can transfer Eth assets to Eth Prime and use them in that environment and switch back when you want. This means existing Eth applications should be easy to port onto the Eth Prime platform yielding rapid implementation of existing applications on other networks.


So I think lately I’ve had too much of a fear that comes before UST, USDD is depeg. Recently, Celsius also experienced the same problem with Warpped Token ETH or stETH which was experiencing the Ministry of Finance. I think you have to do some careful planning if you want to do this. although I totally agree warpped tokens help the ecosystem grow faster but some things should be of concern. since too many unexpected events in the world of Crypto currency.

For the sake of liquidity on boarding and thus increasing the TVL of the network it is for sure smart to allow wrapped tokens.

Also for LP’s is might be very valuable to have Pools which feature wrapped tokens I assume
Like the wbtc Osmo pool in Osmosis you told me a couple of days ago about but for instance on Ociswap

Also some people maybe only want exposure to wbtc but would like to use the benefits of the radix defi ecosystem would be stupid to look them out or?

Going forward there is no way we can have smart contract web3 without wrapped tokens, these other smart contract platforms are not going away, of course they are not as good as radix, but BTC is not going away either, I am sure they will improve the wrapping technology, just remember we are still super early.

This last statement is a bit of a worry for radix but again we are still early.

The complicated depeg of stETH opened the series of liquidation and panic sell the whole market. The Defi market is still a delicious piece of cake, but gradually revealing many serious problems, the holes in the operating system and maybe mark the decline of Defi.