Would all accounts created in a Radix Wallet be restored when restoring a Radix Wallet?

This is not the case for all wallets and it could be of interest to know if all accounts created in a Radix Wallet are restored in the Radix Wallet when restoring a Radix Wallet or if there is a procedure to follow to see them again? Thank you

Yes - All accounts created in the Radix desktop wallet are derived from your 12 word seed phrase (with the exception of the hardware wallet which is derived from your 24 word ledger seed phrase). In the event that you need to restore your Radix desktop wallet, simply follow the instructions here: Installing the Radix Desktop Wallet

Once you have entered your seed phrase and regained access, the wallet defaults to the first address you created. To see the other addresses, simply click “Add account” in the side bar and any additional addresses created previously will now be visible.


Both the Radix Desktop Wallet and the Ledger Hardware Wallet are Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallets which means that they use a single seed to create a tree of private/public keys.

  • Deterministic means the keys and addresses are always generated in the same way every time.
  • Hierarchical means the keys and addresses can be organized in to a tree.

LearnMeABitcoin: HD Wallets is an excellent explanation on how HD wallets work.

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Was wondering this myself as well. Thanks for the info :slight_smile: