Forum etiquette

I’d like to remind our users that there are some rules that need to be respected, to prevent cluttering of the forum.

  1. No multiple posts if you’re replying to the same user. Just click the Reply button in one of the posts you want to reply to, and then use tagging (@username) to reply to other people.
    See an example here and here.

  2. No appreciation posts (thanks, very good, cool…).
    If all you have to say is appreciation for the post, please use the like button, it’s there just for that!

  3. Megathread/lists: only one post per user. If there’s something new that you want to add, like a new NFT or a new giveaway, just edit that post and expand it. Having one post every time there’s something new to add clutters the forum.

  4. No empty questions that can be solved with a simple Google search (what is Radix? who is Dan? why is Radix better than pizza?). If you still feel like the question might spark an interesting discussion, then go ahead and post it, but also expand the topic with your own point of view or what you think the answer might be, so other users can start a discussion from that.

If you see someone breaking the etiquette, please use the Flag button.
Also consider following the Rules of Civil Conversation:

Thank you everyone for keeping RadixTalk civil.