How can I download my Radix wallet transaction history

Recently created an account with CoinPanda since CoinTracker doesn’t support Radix or custom wallets.

Unsure how I can extract my XRD address transactions as any type of file, so that I can upload it to CoinPanda. I can always just create manual entries for the Radix wallet in Coinpanda, though I’d rather not because screw that.
Any ideas?

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Hi! You can download your Radix wallet transaction history using RadixScan Transaction Exporter.

It even has a handy Export as CoinTracking format, CSV button to easily import all your XRD transactions to CoinTracking.

We also have a guide on how to add your Radix activity on your tax report, including how to export your wallet history: How do I add my Radix activity to my tax report?

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Awesome. Seriously. Thanks for that info. And thanks for making me aware of CoinTracking, didn’t know that existed. Turned out that after I had input all my exchange API’s into CoinPanda, it came back with a clusterf of incorrect data; like the worst I’ve seen in this app category. I’ll def look into RadixScan & CoinTracking.


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