I think abandon scorpions will be like crypto punks on eth , what price do you think they will go for in 2023?

I think scorps will be like crypto punks on eth , what price do you think they will go for in 2023 ?

If we compare to the most popular NFT network, solana, blue chips that have existed <2 years have $5000-10000 floor price.

So if radix is a big success, I’d say $10,000 minimum

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i would say floor = 5k xrd.
but i dont think it would have the same impact like crypto punks.

We have to consider that the NFT max hype might be behind us already. Or might be behind when radix is popular enough to create those values.

I dont quite know whether NFTs are just a hype and if so how long it lasts.

I keep asking myself tho, is it possible a floor price actually goes down in xrd simply by XRD skyrocketing? Meaning that XRD outperforms some NFTs? If that is not the case there is like no reason at all to actually hold XRD instead of a well trusted NFT. Does this outperfoming thing happend on other chains before does anyone know?

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Scorps are an emblem of the NFT community on Radix, and in fact the Radix community in general.

They will have a lot of sentimental value in the future, as Radix begins to grow towards success.


We do know this from data on eth and sol, the two biggest used networks for NFTs.

If you expect a large move upwards, hold XRD.

If you expect a large move downwards, hold stable assets or short XRD.

If you expect a relatively flat price or slow move in either direction, good NFTs will appreciate in value as long as the project continues to add value.


If we really want to create a price prediction for every little thing on Radix (shouldn’t), then here is my take.

Scorps have a floor price of 1200 XRD. It basically increases every few months. In 2023, the floor price depends on the success of Babylon. If it is delayed for any reason, I cant seem to see the floor price going higher than 1800-2000 XRD. If Babylon is a great success, then 4000-5000 XRD is absolutely the minimum for me.

I thought if that happened he would be on the 10,000xrd floor. I’m very confident with this very strong community and its sizable volume it will be very easy to move forward.