Lets say there was no radix, which project would you be fully invested in?

Lets say day rather decided to be a vet in the north pole saving polar bears and never helped created radix, which project would you be all in, I only ask to see what radix competition is :slight_smile:

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In your scenario: all-in north pole polar bear saving!

I follow Dan! Whatever he might touch!


if there was no radix i would never be fully invested in another project. maybe in btc because it was and it will alwaysbe #1


Is BTC beeing #1 actually something that remains forever in crypto? I have my doubts.


i think it will remain forever as #1
but as an investor of radix it will be very nice if there will be a change in the future.


If I’m too busy rescuing polar bears, I don’t think there’s any reason to just pick one place to invest. And maybe I choose to follow some blue seagull’s advice, to get investment options.
Maybe a good investment and fomo is difficult to distinguish.

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Well, if there was no Radix, I think I would be still be sitting on the hype train, and investing in projects without knowing their actual background.

I am pretty sure that I’d be heavily in ETH L2s, like $MATIC, since I would think that this is the solution for the future because of the capability of lowering transaction fees on Eth.

Of course I know by now that the future lies here. :slight_smile:

I would look btc ,yfi, or shib

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Shib oh man good luck, I am sorry i do not touch anything meme, thats rubbish imo

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How about dogecube that’s also one of the memes? Don’t you want to try it once in your life?.

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No thanks if i get doge i sell for a token that has actual use , meme coins are nothing but a useless bit of code, they dont have any value.

I think eth is doomed it will be like nokia and block buster, there is no reason to build on eth any more, atom is a much better project they are already building a huge web 3 layer with thier IBC , thats just my view :slight_smile:

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I would probably be in various smaller DeFi projects on ETH and maybe some of another L1 I thought was good - possibly Elrond (which I know isn’t as good as Radix, but it does seem undervalued relative to it’s tech, recent DEX exploit notwithstanding)

What about Cosmos ? , they are a layer one and they have IBC, inter chain blockchain protocol connecting all the chains together like a huge web3 layer, the more chains that join the more they will take over web3. They can do 1000 tps and have a thriving eco system all linked to together and interconnected including with Ethereum.

So mine are:

Mecha chain, another amazing play to earn game with a very low mc, the team is well know and they have some members even who worked at pixar! The graphics look awesome and everything they have done has been great !

It will run on polygon so cheap fees, you can buy land and rent it out, you can even pay other good players to fight for you in your mechs, will be released 2024 on mobile.

Another one is a project close to radix - Beholder ,mc is less than 1 million, an amazing dex that will get rid of pairs and IL, it looks to be incredible.


The other one is not that hidden but its an amazing dex on cosmos called osmosis , excellent apr, very easy to use and just a great dex all around that also connects to eth.

Chain games is also another amazing project with a great team, you can also get good staking rewards, this will allow you to play games on pc and console for money, they is a game changer !


Let me know what you think !

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Thank you for sharing this with us. I must admit I’ve only heard about osmosis. Since I found Radix I must admit I stopped searching for other gems. Also, our ecosystem is in infancy so there are many projects yet to develop and build.
Anyway this is good topic and I will follow it.


I am not sure if it is not already to big for you but I am quite fascinated and intrigued by the Kilt protocol. The utility for decentralized ID’s is massiv I think.
I just love the thought that the institution requesting personal datas or verification only sees what the need and not every thing.
If you want let me know what you think of this project would love to year and learn, cause as my name suggests I am rather newish

With Kilt I can just see the utility every time it somewhere say please login with facebook or google which often is harder to see so simple with other crypto projects for me

I should look into osmosis on the search for a good stable pair pool if you have any recommendation let me know.
Somehow don’t want to get into any other LP due to fear of IL

The bitcoin one is the best for me and it has liquid staking (so you get rewards for securing the network and providing liquidity) , so you get 135 percent apr , i would go for btc as the price is only going up from there. Also in one week osm is going through like a halving, its called a thirding and this means less supply, there are USDC pools but I would wait until using usdc until the bull market as now you want to hold crypto, plus if you stake osm you get loads of airdrops and I mean load worth 1000s of dollars.

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Beholder could be absolutely massive and a game changer and a few of the radix team were involved in it, also get 50 percent cheaper gas fees , only 10 m max supply, the mc is less than a million so if you invest a 100 bucks it could be massive.

The team is fully doxxed, Justin Goro is an amazing dev. Put it this way if Behodler gets to a billion mc each token will be worth 181 thats a 1700 x ,but they also use another token called scarcity , there are only 7000 of them as they do not use pairs, so 100 dollars of eye today could be worth 180 000 dollars and 100 dollars of scarcity could be worth about 200 000, yes indeed DYOR

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In my opinion, the team behind Osmo simply nailed pretty much everything that makes crypto attractive to most of us: LPs, bounding and staking, the website aesthetic, and so on.

As you, I also invested some money in Osmo (more precisely in their liquid pool) and what’s good about this project is that I no longer have to worry day and night checking my mobile wallet how the tranche of my portfolio is doing.

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