Radix Twitter Giveaways List

Hi Everyone, here goes my first post! I thought we could all add our giveaways or others’ giveaways if they’re not on the list.

Here is my giveaway that is currently running until the end of this week - it will end on Sunday 12 June 2022 at around 10 PM UTC!

Link to giveaway: https://twitter.com/Mycro_Cat/status/1533972693187538947

Giveaway prizes:

5 x RATZ
5 x MTNT
1 x 10 BOBBY
1 x 5B INU
1 x BANA
1 x 10 OCI

Investing at least 1 XRD into this Radit message will get you an extra ticket in the giveaway and you’ll be eligible for the Radit-investors-only draw for all the XRD I will collect by the end of the week:

Please add your giveaways here too and let’s keep this going! :slight_smile:



My 3. #Radix #Giveaway! This time I am making $XSEED token giveaway, the token from #radixdltstaking validator!
:fire:10x200 $XSEED tokens​:fire:

All you have to do is:

  1. Follow

  2. Follow

  3. Join $XSEED telegram group


:bangbang:NEW GIVEAWAY​:bangbang:

We want you to introduce your Hellhounds to the Radix community!

:fire:Post a new tweet introducing your hound. Tell us its name or interesting traits.
$XRD #Radix
:fire:We will pick 10 winners at random!
:fire:More posts = more chances to win!


TIME FOR ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!! I am partnering up with
and we are giving away 2 NFTs!!! To enter follow me and
, like, and retweet!! Also make sure to go check out their website: https://radiwhales.com


Buff Wild 50/50 Raffle

The next 20 new & unique wallet addresses to own a Buff enter a select draw to win…

1/1 Cyclops Buff :bison:
4 x Buff NFT’s
5 x 50 Crew Coin

72 HRS LFG!!


1 x

3 x

Just RT & Tag a Friend who should join the


:rotating_light:Time for a #Radix #NFT #Giveaway!:rotating_light:

:point_right:Follow, Like, RT this &
@invaderz_nft’s tweet
:point_right:Join both Telegram Groups
:point_right:Screenshot & upload

…so you can

:point_right:Share in 100 billion $INU prize
:point_right:9 winners will get an exclusive INVADERZ

Info + form: Inu x Invaderz Giveaway – 100 Billion $INU and 9 Invaderz to be taken home! – Radix Inu: the Charitable DAO Token on the Radix Platform



:fire:We have finally finished the collection!
:parrot:To celebrate this we are giving away 5 Radical Parrots to 5 different people!
To enter:


2023 WILL BE THE YEAR OF THAT RAT. Lets goooo radix. Retweet for a chance to get a rat NFT, Happy Monday Rad Fam.


In celebration of the previous trading limit of “>5 Natties holding before sale” being removed, i am giving away 2

See Radit link below for more details. Deadline is 08:00 am GMT, 14th of June 2022.

#RadixNFT #Giveaway #NFT #Radish


Fancy bagging yourself a hellish Hellhound NFT courtesy of
? To be in with a chance to win 1 of 5 hounds all you need to do is follow us and
, retweet this tweet, and tag 3 friends in the comments. Winners will be announced on June 16th #NFTGiveaway #Radix


010101 http://EnterTheRadtrix.com 101010

NFT Giveaway! There will be 15 Radtrix NFTs up for grabs!

How to enter:

  1. Follow

  2. Join our telegram Telegram: Contact @Enter_The_Radtrix

  3. Quote your fav Matrix line that could be about Radix

You have 24 hours!

#NFTgiveaway $XRD


Lot of bearish sentiment around so thought I’ll do my first giveaway for the Radixfam.

To win:
2 x Radderflies
2 x Radlads

All you have to do is:

  1. Like and retweet this post.

#Giveaway ends 9th June 8 PM IST. LFG! #RadixNFT


Hey #xrd fam! I’m giving away 2x 4b Radix Inu. All you have to do is: like, and tell to
what is making you smile today in the comment section :wink:. You have untill Friday 6pm UTC, I will then randomly select 2 winners​:v:


Mayas &
are running a giveaway until June 16 that includes 500 #OCI & 55 #radix nfts!
10 lucky winners will receive NFTs from sold out projects like


& more!

#xrd #radix #mayas

For details: Radical Staking Promotions


If you want to know about Twitter giveaway
You have to see @Mycro_Cat Twitter account :muscle:


If you’re talking about the first on on the post, yes anyone can enter - but for the rest of them usually anyone can enter too - only the odd ones require you to hold something like a Buff Wild in one case… 99% of them though, anyone and everyone can enter! Just open the Twitter link and read the tweet, it’s usually got all the instructions for partipaction. If they don’t say anything abou WHO can enter, then it’s usually EVERYONE invited!

:crossed_fingers: :four_leaf_clover:

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Hey, let met post a few twitter giveaways I also participate in. Good luck guys!

Planet giveaway: https://twitter.com/RadixMaximalist/status/1534841470355755008
MutantCat giveaway: https://twitter.com/MutantCatsXRD/status/1534834415171428353
Many things giveaway: https://twitter.com/RParrots/status/1534796131770802177


Haha thanks Ariyan! Yes I’ve got a pretty massive one going on right now thanks to the extremely generous contributions of @RadixRatz, @CerberRADS, @MutantCatsXRD and last but definitely not least the Legendary, the One, the Only Bobby Flay, @Bobbysizemover. It’s the giveaway pinned on my profile and it’s still open for a few more days so get in on the action, it takes just a few minutes and 1 XRD for the Bonus Radit Giveaway and you’ve got 1 or even 2 chances to win some cool #NFTs or #Radix tokens!


Thanks for the contributions guys! Lots of giveaways on Radix :slight_smile:
Please use one post each! There’s no need to create a new post for every new giveaway, just edit your post. Thank you!


I only have one going right now, I’m just trying to collect them all here - they all come from different people and different projects. The prizes sometimes come from individuals’ private collections, and they are sometimes from the projects Marketing / Giveaway “stock”… you need to look at each one to see - but the bottom line is they are all giving out some tasty NFT’s so why not participate in as many as you can?


Probably the best one there is right now is right here on this site! ‘RadixTalk is back!’ contest - participate and earn rewards!

Click for all the info and get involved!


Nice one dude! I just tried to add the Mutant Cats one you added and the system told me the link was already on this post so that is awesome, doubles are easily avoided this way :slight_smile:

Would you mind putting the text from the tweet under each link, so that people can get the info a little bit more easily and also see which ones have been posted already? Just a suggestion!

Even just a quick/dirty copy/paste - in my case I have to copy / paste the text from the tweet into Windows Notepad to get a clean text / emoticons - copy/pasting straight from the tweet in to here doesn’t seem to do such a great job. It’ll also be good for the uber-important Google-Fu, with keyword relevance and so on…



:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::fire:Giveaway For All :fire::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ve teamed up with @ManteCrypto & two Brand new projects
to bring you all

1 x @RadderFlies

2 x @RadixFS

3 x @ScryptoHeroes

3 x @radiwhales

Req: :heart: & Retweet that’s it.
+2 Entries = Following These Accounts

LFG! :rocket:


Happy too annouce today 33 radderfly have been gifted away in the @delphibets msg giveaway. Cheers laddys. Enjoy your flies.


new giveaway from a friend of mine.
you can win XRD and Planet Token.



New giveaway from my NFT project (RadFam NFT) and partner RadixPlanet.