Radix95 rugpulled

The project Radix95 - Windows 95 OS On Radix rugpulled on the 9th of July, removing all XRD from the OTC wallet with this transaction: Radix Explorer

Radix95 got listed on DogecubeX the 25th of June but the owner decided to keep doing OTC deals.
R95 token was originally live on BSC but the owner was moving to Radix with BSC-to-Radix OTC deals.

Website and Twitter are both gone, just like ER^NST (@gummy558, the project owner) Telegram account. The tweets are still accessible using Google Cache here: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:XKI-yHIBGoMJ:https://twitter.com/w95radix

All XRD he had (116,900 XRD) got sent to this wallet which looks like an exchange wallet, probably MEXC.

$8,771.34 worth of R95 tokens also got dumped on BSC at the same time by the developer’s wallet, removing all liquidity from the pair: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x868a2d534d81fa0c2641021aefc4f3d7775ee03aa7d8b2aa709090699f5520f6

Many users were staking Radix95 on BSC but now they find themselves stuck because the website is down, so they can’t unstake, and because there’s no pair with liquidity to sell.

You can check the devs wallet activity on BSC here.

The developer’s account on RadixTalk @Radix95 has been suspended pending a possible investigation.


This is why its so important to do research. There almost little to no information about what the project is even about. This definitely goes to shitcoin level, if you do plan to take the risk with these unknown projects, learn to know when to pull out. Great on RadixTalk team to remove the account. We hope through RadLock, more can be done to have more accountability when it comes to these actions from so called creators