Radix95 - Windows 95 OS On Radix

Radix95 is an upcoming RadixDLT orientated token. The website has an AMAZING Windows 95 themed page so you’ll experience oldschool vibes while browsing it. On our site you’ll find strong use-cases of our token, staking and bridging, many future use-cases and dapps, and perhaps if any of you would like to build a cool quality dapp to contribute to the token, you’re more than welcome to. Your dapp would be seen in the classical Windows start menu along with all of our other dapps and features, as well as apps on the desktop itself. We want to make a true Windows OS on Radix DLT where our team as well as other people could implement their own apps.

Our team wishes to build a strong early community and that’s the most important thing for us. There’s shilling group @radix95push in telegram where tweets or threads are posted are posted for you guys to retweet and like, pushing Radix95 further out there into the general public.

The team knows where and how to market, so as expected we’re going to have a marketing wallet to ensure Radix95’s growth. Getting this token off the ground and to the moon will be a joint effort between the devs as well as the early community.

Website https://www.w95radix.com/
Telegram Telegram: Contact @radix95


What happens if we access C:\aux\aux ?

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Looks like it has been rugpulled. See Radix95 rugpulled