#ScryptoClassof2022 Week 4 Chapter 3 (Part 2)

This class has really been picking up steam over the last week! We have a constant stream of people joining in and catching up to the class. This is really cool to see everyone’s passion for one day writing Scrypto blueprints. Chapter 3 has been the most fun for me to learn so far because it covered topics that are completely new to me and also offered some challenges to apply the concepts to at the end. It is a very humbling feeling to stare at a blank terminal and try to write a program from scratch!

I would like to be sure everyone following along has the chance to make it all the way through chapter 8 as a group, so we will take the next two full weeks to complete Chapters 3 & 4. Those new people that I have seen join will have some extra time to get through the first chapters, and those that need extra time to finish up chapter 3 this week will have it. Those that want to start ch4 have 2 full weeks to digest it. If we need to tweak the schedule further we can discuss it after that.

Let’s Get Rusty video on chapter 3 content!

Let’s Get Rusty video on chapter 4 content!

Next weeks Q&A will first begin with any more Ch3 questions/confusion/maybe others will want their challenge code reviewed? Then we can move on to Ch4 questions.

Keep an eye out for individual threads in the discord channel for challenges going forward. I would like us to have 1 thread where we can post all of our solutions for each problem once completed.

Speaking of challenges, if you have not attempted the 3 challenges at the end of chapter 3, I HIGHLY suggest you do so. The process of having to apply what you learn from chapter 3 with as little help as possible has been the coolest part of this group so far. Look through the channel for posted solutions AFTER you give it your best to do the challenges solo. You can bring your code to the live Q&A Sunday and Omar can give you feedback if you’d like.

Erroll has been kind enough to put together some hints to get started on these challenges.





Study Group Schedule

June 12th - June 18th - Chapter 1
June 19th Time TBD - Live Q&A on chapter 1 content
June 19th - June 25th - Chapter 2
June 26th Time 12pm UTC - Live Q&A on chapter 1 - chapter 2 content
June 26th - July 2nd - Chapter 3
July 3rd Time 12pm UTC - Live Q&A on chapter 1 - chapter 3 content

July 3rd - July 9th – Chapters 3 & 4
July 10th Time 12pm UTC - Live Q&A on Chapter 3, 4 content
July 10th - July 16th - Chapter 4
July 17th Time 12pm UTC - Live Q&A on chapter 1 - chapter 4 content
July 17th - July 23rd - Chapter 5
July 24th Time 12pm UTC - Live Q&A on chapter 1 - chapter 5 content
July 24th - July 30th - Chapter 6
July 31st Time 12pm UTC - Live Q&A on chapter 1 - chapter 6 content
July 31st - August 6th - Chapter 7
August 7th Time 12pm UTC - Live Q&A on chapter 1 - chapter 7 content
August 7th - August 14th - Chapter 8
August 7th Time 12pm UTC - Live Q&A on chapter 1 - chapter 8 content

Thanks to great projects like



New this week:

Natty Raddish - donating 1 Natty Raddish each week for the next 4 weeks
Emmoglu’s Stakery - Radixscan - contributing XRD for our first Scrypto challenge to take place after chapter 8 of Rust is covered!!!

If any projects out there want to help inspire the next crazy idea that could be only built on the Radix network, this class will be looking for projects like Emmoglus Stakery to donate XRD for a Scrypto challenge prize just for those learning with us. We have at least 5 weeks before this will take place though since there are 4 more Rust chapters to learn.

Week 3 winners are:

@The Statesmen#7506
@Marc the Sharc#5308
@erroll gnargnar#2915
@James Yeoh#3483

Please DM me your Radix wallet address if I don’t already have it and prizes will be sent soon!

Major shout out to Erroll for also putting together this awesome video walking through both Linux and Windows!!! EPIC! This video helped me and a few others do their first ever github pushes. For me at least, that was an overwhelming task!

Now go and conquer Chapter 3 and 4!!! As usual, drop all questions regardless of how dumb they sound into our channel so we can all help to answer.

If you are still reading this far, drop a message below and tell me your favorite music to listen to while coding. I have been on a Pryda & Boris Brejcha kick recently. Nothing like some dirty house/trance beats to get me in the zone, but I want more suggestions!