The game changer for DeFi environment👩‍

What is, in your opinion, the game changer for DeFi environment?:woman_office_worker:


This is actually fairly easy, the game changer for DeFi environment will occur when Xi’an the sharded Ledger Layer 1 environment is formally released. It is called Atomic Composibility, which currently all of the layer 1 platforms have that are based on the ETH EVM or a modified version of it. Currently all of the Layer 1 platforms will be limited to the actual speed of the EVM or about 15 smart transactions per minute.

Cassie the research development platform that Dan Hughes works in exclusively, with occasionally some Radix enthusiasts already works with atomic composibility across multiple shards.


The game changer will be when radix is fully released and there are tons of projects on it and the libary of lego code is big so others can build much quicker

The compounding effects of composable applications for people to continuously build new permutations and use cases without needing to start from the ground up + developer royalties so people don’t have to envision a complete application but can build discrete functionality and publish as a blueprint for others to use.

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Perhaps this could be considered as a matter or problem that Defi has not been able to solve today. The first thing is the use of the cheapest gas fee for transactions, which is only 1 cent.

Then there’s the issue of network security, where there are a lot of hacks and asset thefts on Def at the moment. Having a safe ecosystem is everyone’s dream to defi.

Overcoming the Trilemma problem, which is important at this time. Because there is no defi that can do it yet, and radix is ​​trying to solve this problem.

So this topic is kinda the similar to the Why is Radix such a game changer? one, there are more details there why Radix is the one.

For me, when I hear “game changer” I expect something that has never been done / accomplished before AND it achieves a certain endgoal defined in that area. For me, Radix is the one for that → solving the blockchain quadrileamma and achieving unlimited TPS for the future DeFi with Xi’an.