What are you buying in this bear market?

Mine are XRD, OCI, ILV, Mechachain, osm, atom, just ot mention a few, what about you ?

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I like to take advantage of the opportunity to get a bigger profile in the portfolio. And I think we’ll be going through a tough time like now.

I prefer to hold more XRD, Luna 2.0 and some Alt radix projects. I think this is my chance. Given my post about the poor guy’s opportunity to kayak disappearing, I thought it was best for now to see if the opportunity came along and I could seize it.

Maybe a little survey, will you hold Radix to the max in Xian?

  • Yes, I’m very confident
  • Not, This is only for short term

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For a less risk perspective, I accumulate BTC at cheaper prices. I still believe that in the next bull run, BTC will still be the #1.

I also buy Radix, (continue my DCA journey), QNT (believe in its future potential of connecting chains), and thats all. I used to hold like 8-10 coins, now I reduced it to literally 3 → learned that the fundemantals only strong in a few projects.

what abou ETH ?
do you think they will perform very good in the nex bullmarket?

I still hold a larger position of it and they can be good in the next run, but probably won’t buy much more. The continuous delay of the Merge really shows us how technologically they lag behind. But going into the details here would probably be a little off topic.

To add one more thing: I also trying to explore and understand the field of privacy, so a privacy coin like Monero can be on my list as well.

I think eth future is uncertain, remember we are a completely different market now filled with much better smart contract platforms. @TamasH You should have a look at shade protocol its built on the secret network , sienna is also a private chain, there are lots of projects being built on secret network. @dwiki xrp future also very uncertain but hope it works out.

@Dwiki do you still trust luna2 after what happened? why a disappointed investor like me should keep investing in their project? I’m asking simply because I’m curious and open to a different point of view.

@TamasH accumulating btc is the safer and clever choice to do. It will always be the #1, because I think that if BTC collapse, the entire crypto world will fall apart.

Me, too, for a less risky perspective, I am accumulating BTC and XRD. Another project that I am following with interest is monero and chainlink-similar coins.

I dont agree mate, ledger technology is not based on btc , so your saying id btc collapses all block chain technology will be ceased to be used and industry will die out ?

I also don’t fully agree but think @andrea has a point with saying if btc dies crypto dies.

If this will happen it will just be a major setback to further adoption. And this would impact the whole crypto sector no matter how good your tech is I believe
Hopefully it will revive than again but it for sure would have a big impact

yes of course it will be a setback, absolutely, but in my view the genie is out the back and there is no going back, just not possible in my view.

Since Bitcoin has such a huge marketcap, it also means to me that it if goes zero now, the crypto projects would be set back for a couple of years. But I think this is starting to get really off topic now.

Many youtuber I follow also suggest the same tactic like we should buy BTC now, and when the market is bullish, BTC slowed down, only after that begins the journey of many 100-1000x alts.

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@Ratty maybe my words may sound a bit catastrophic, but in the hypothetical and unlikely scenario that BTC will collapse, a lot of cryptos, no matter how their industry or technology is good, will surely see a long period of slowdowns and setbacks.

@Shrimp exactly. Just imagine the scenario: btc is collapsing, all the newspaper and crypto haters making the situation worst with their “I told you / crypto was a scam / it was nothing more than a speculative bubble”. Since altcoins usually follow the trend of the giants btc and eth, we will have to wait years to see a stable further adoption.

But this is just my personal opinion, and the above-mentioned is just a catastrophic scenario. If we are here talking about crypto is just because we have trust in the project.

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Only XRD.
Well maybe BTC in case it goes down to 10.000$ as I always wanted to have a “whole” one.

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