What DEX to reinvest the money from the 'cerby-situation" in?

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Thanks to some radix community member I got some of my invested Cerby money back. Since I thought of it as a future radix DEX investment, I am now left with the decision on which horse I wanna bet some more.

What options are there even other than OCI, DGCX and Caviar?

What are you putting your money into and is there even room for more than one DEX?



How about holding your fire until something new comes onto the scene?

RadLock, for example, is one new project with an interesting use case. Still in development though.

Must it be a DEX?


I am currently only in OCI and Cerby way my DEX-diversification, so yeah looking for another DEX option

But i do have RadLock on the radar tho


I’m following with interest Radish and Raduel.
The first one started as an NFT but is now expanding in a whole ecosystem: they will have a DEX, a native game, a digital asset marketplace and more. This Twitter thread might give you an insight. If @mik or @Hanisome want to chime in, they might be able to give you more info :wink:

Raduel is a 2D pixel MMORPG and might be the first game on Radix, so it’s worth keeping an eye on it! The developer, @Raduel often posts update on their Telegram on development and more.

There is also the Artistizen NFT Marketplace in the works, you can acquire $ART tokens by buying their NFTs. Read more here: Artistizen NFT Marketplace Tokenomics

I’m sure there are a bunch of other interesting projects I forgot though!


I’m very bullish on OCI, but DELPHIBETS is going to come out of nowhere and be huge. The crypto gambling space is ripe with potential, and DPH is already making a ton of waves with approaching 10K members in its telegram group, a working website, solid roadmap, and an incredible team behind it.


I also have my eye on DPH. Delphibets is still flying under the radar in terms of price, although they seem to have a lot planned. I have also been looking scientifically at prediction markets, maybe that’s where my interest comes from. They can be used for a variety of reasons.

Prediction markets combine diverse information, free decision making, and decentralized organization into collective knowledge. I’m curious to see what they implement of it and where it goes :innocent:


Talking like that and not considering or even mentioning Delphi makes me think that you did’nt do your research properly… To be honset… Oci: Yes, nice DEX to be. DGCX: Yes, nice memecoin on radix so far wtíth good comunity work and promising listings. But Delphibets is the only project which has the potential of conquering many markets, even out of crypto. Betting is international, multilingual, thrilling and catching. The possibilitys are way beyond any other project so far on radix. All the way Delphi and Delphi all the way!


The 10K members are mostly airdrop farmers though.


Well this actually depends on whether you have XRD or eXRD (which is the ECR20 version of XRD). Currently, the actual only DEXs that are live where you can actually earn some tokens is the DeFiPlaza.net ECR20 DEX for eXRD and one where you can trade the various tokens generated on the Olympia Radix network.


I see a lot of potential in RDS and XSE.
With the money from Cerby i bought some Radish NFT to receive RDS.


In my view the best thing I would choose Ociswap as the best choice, then Dogecube is also very good with the community and active activities in it.
As for caviar I don’t know much but the too many projects it runs make it a bit riskier or could be really good.
But it is possible that there are many other good NFTs projects such as Dreamix, Artistizen, Radish.


ociswap will present the dex in the future, stay tune


What do you mean I didnt do my research? I was specifically asking for DEX alternatives and you are talking about Delphibets? Would be new to me if they plan on doing a DEX but I am open for a correction here.

You are right, I left out DeFiPlaza. Do they plan to go ahead as a DEX on Radix past Babylon as well?

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So what are your thoughts on the “is there room for more than one DEX”-Question? Which seems to be a very important one

I have to apologize! You are totaly right and as I reread my words now it sounds actually pretty rude also. Sorry about that. I was kinda drunk and in the middle of the night.

Thing is i am totaly bullish about Delphi. But i should have read your question properly! What i said about Delphi is true, but Delphi has nothing to do with a DEX. So i missed the topic completely. Shame on me.


There was actually a concern about when Babylon was first active there might be more than one DEX active on radix.
Maybe it will be like which DEX is more popular and most actively used, but as an investor might be worried, which dex or dex token should I have and Which dex has the most potential?

Maybe the initial community that is being built at this time is the main key of which dex will be the best dex.
Ociswap is probably the best first dex with big development and community. great trust and great community.

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All good my friend. I got Delphi on my radar dont worry :wink:


Exactly my thought as well.

The bigger a DEX the better its services most likely. So it might be more about which one the community chooses as first mover rather then which provides the very best service.

On this front OCI seems to be ahead of the competition now, since Cerby is completely out of the game.

UI/UX wise Caviar looks the best right now, but we don’t know what Oci will come up with. Considering Florian is quite the techie, we can expect something good.