When will Radix flip Eth?

When will Radix flip Eth ? What year do you think ?


If Xi’an is a success, <1 year after


When smart contracts are proven to work and work well!


Agree but I think will flip eth a bit after that 2024, if xian is a success of course

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This is probably a tough enough gamble to overtake Ethereum. But with the technology that will emerge maybe it will be at least 2-3 years after Xi’an.

It is quite short but when many use radix it will grow very fast. :white_check_mark:Developer is the most important element here.

I would agree with this one. Even with Xi’an, it will take time. Ethereum has really built its path, and wont be easy to pass their market cap. Though I definitely see Radix as a TOP10 project after Xi’an.

It depends if eth can solve its problems, it may not be able to espically if more people use it, it will slow down even more

@Dwiki It will grow so fast one it reaches the tipping point, the more the library grows the quicker it will be to developed and at some point it wont be wort building on any other platform

You mean less than a year after Xi’an is launched? Yeah, likely. But also depends on how much traction Radix gets by then. Scalability won’t help if there isn’t enough demand for which to scale :smiley:

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You are overlooking the benefits that Scrypto will provide. Developers will not want to code on Eth as much if Radix is in anyway nearly as important or big as Eth.

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very hard to flip eth.
i think radix can rank behind btc and eth.
but never rank 1 or 2.

You don’t understand the tech if you really believe this. BTC and ETH are dinosaurs and will not be #1/2 in the future.

Don’t you just love how no one ever asks “if XRD will flip ETH” but “when XRD flip ETH”. Makes me so proud lol


Maybe we have just drunk too much of the koolaid or we blindly following others, I hope its not to much hopuim lol

I agree look at nokia and block buster they had the network effect and are virtual gone.

If we can read the future, we will know what to do. but we can’t, so we have to speculate :sunglasses:

Sure but i feel in 2 years it will be top 10 and if you staking even better and also in 2 years will be next halving so its looking very good

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Eth might be crap, but it’s viral… newbies, nfts lovers, unyielding enthusiasts, they all know it.
Radix has already won his battle against Eth when speaking of performance, security and stuff. The real goal would be to steal its crown.

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maybe that will change, because like opensea more use polygons as a network. maybe this is because it is cheaper and faster.
slowly and surely maybe ethereum will be replaced by radix

I hope so. But working with art galleries that are interested in nfts I noticed that major artists choose Ethereum over Polygon or Solana. When I asked why the answer was “what are Polygon and Solana”? or “Eth Is more popular”

We should do a hell of a job on Twitter or other media to make the public change its mind.

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I think it could take some more time like 4 to 5 years


Very hard to say - There are lots of entrenched interests in ETH that are likely to mean it sticks around for a very long time even if it has subpar tech. It also depends on how good L2 solutions will be for ETH - if they are usable for gaming NFTs etc then there’s a strong chance they still keep a large part of market share. Another factor in my opinion is if certain crypto assets are seen as worth investing in by institutions. Despite it’s technical shortcomings most institutions want to invest in BTC and ETH and won’t go to a smaller project until it has proven itself in terms of liquidity in the market