Where can you buy Radix?

You can buy Radix via the following exchanges.


eXRD :

May need to add new radix mainnet listing

the more exchanges that support radix mainnet, the more reach to be had, with it.

** sad to remember some exchanges that previously supported XRD but became inactive. like P2PB2B and Vindax

Has anybody got any positive advice or experience on exchanges new or old for XRD. I purchase small amounts each month like a savings scheme, so fees are important otherwise the amount takes a big hit. I pay by debit card and use Bitfinex through OwnrWallet this has for the time being disappeared. The other options offered are either too large minimums or expensive. I also need an exchange that isn’t blocked by UK banks such as Binance (I know they don’t list XRD). Looking for low deposit fees, not too big minimums, low transaction/withdrawal costs, and efficiency. I can pay by debit card or bank but also need to be fairly easy to set up. Am I expecting too much, any suggestions or experiences appreciated.

As you, I am also planning to buy monthly small amount of XRD. However, I prefer doing this using Kucoin, thus EXRD to XRD and moving everything on the native wallet using Instabridge. All I know to buy XRD straight as native coin is Bitfinex. Never tried other exchanges. EXRD and XRD are 1:1 so if you’re going to buy and hold should theoretically be fine to just hold EXRD.

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And more and more are coming…


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yes it can be said that there will be more exchanges in the future.
Bitmart and ascendEX
but there is no link that I can link to complete it. let’s just wait and more bullish.

is it possible to add the new listings on your first post? would be very usefull for new members / readers if this post.

new listing also on LBank :confetti_ball::tada::fireworks: