Which alt's will come back, let's have some fun predicting

I believe we all are pretty sure that BTC will over the longterm (latest with its halving) have new ATHs

But what are ALT’s which you believe will go extinct and never gonna see ATHs again?

I’ll go first: Luna classic & Time Wonderland

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I think for Luna Classic it will not reach ATH again but Luna 2.0 is a new hope for the Luna ecosystem. Maybe you can say believe it or not, Fatman’s drama with Do Kwon is still ongoing, although it doesn’t have much influence. And the hype may return.

There will be many alt coins that will shift from their position and those with a solid community will be the winners, I’m also really looking forward to seeing Radix return to rank 50 and above in the near future.

After all Luna classic currently has a low market cap, investing more money and hype can make quite a lot of profit. Although it does not return the inflation that has been.


I chose the classic ones:

  • ETH
  • XRP
  • BNB

new ATH mid 2023 :slight_smile:

Luna 2.0 definitely has the legacy to return but don’t you think there are other projects which don’t carry the risk of Luna 2.0 failing in cleaning their image but still a big growth possibility?

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The eternal survivors :wink:

No FTM, Solana, Avax or L2’s like Matic

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I will go for:

  1. ATOM (a lot of potential inside this ecosystem)
  2. OSMO (the idea behind its superfluid staking is really cool)
  3. BSW (the project is young and solid)
  4. ADA (still hope for this project)
  5. MATIC (too good to not come back in track)

@Shrimp In my opinion, Luna will need a lot of time to recover and to gain trust among investors.

Definitely agree with that to much investors where betrayed and lost money

Atom is really interesting and carries quite some potential the competitor for atom would be polkadot or since they are also building an internet of blockchains

Ada is really a difficult one for me…I lost the hope in them after the smart contract update failed so anticlimactic

Whats BSW?

I wonder though what happens to matic if ETH becomes more scalable with ETH 2.0

Anyways all of them are in a massive discount just hard to find the right moment to DCA in

In my opinion there are indeed many projects that do not have risks like luna 2.0 but, seeing as recently as a lot of crashes that can occur and drop the image of other platforms or networks (perhaps the case of Lunc and stETH one of them) I remember the Defi platform always provides solutions to be better than before and I think let failure be a lesson to themselves and all those who are planning a journey towards it.
Luna 2.0 I think they can fix their problem and get back in a good position. even so I also save other projects that I think can survive without the risk of Luna 2.0 such as ADA, KDA, Solana, and Matic

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KDA is a potential Radix rival right technological wise

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But why Solana? They often have problems with the network and i think the initial Hype is over.

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Still might see an uprising again in a bullmarket maybe not for its fundamental values but more because of good marketing
And the chain is just good for games since they have so many trx and the fees are low

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Maybe solana has complicated issues in their network but I have seen some of their moves are very innovative for example in solana build their own crypto game. and many game dapps active on its network.
although I hope they can solve their problem. :))


What is the game in the first screenshot? I like the design of the character!

And also they got Sam Bankman Fried as their backer which might help to grow again

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I found it directly on solana’s official website about gaming development on blockchain. You can see it here

But if you want to see the discord game they can go here Mini Royale: Nations

I’m really looking forward to when radix can be active in blockchain games.

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Do you want to hear my take on Luna Classic? It might destroy your hope.

Do you want to hear my take on this? About it’s “potential”?

Hmm, I was previously a KDA community member, have you read Florian take on this one?

And there is my take:

  1. Tier 1: ETH (no need to argue), XRD (survived since 2013, although the name might change), ZIL (Zilliqa, also a chain that take same approach of “atomic composability” as Radix, I have read their paper)

  2. Tier 2: AZERO (their base layer tech is good), NEAR.

  3. Tier 3: AVAX, ADA, MATIC, ALGO, SOL

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@Shrimp BSW is just another decentralized exchange platform for swapping BEP-20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. Nothing new, I know, but its strongpoints are superior speed and really low network transaction cost.

@unghuuduc haha yes, please, different point of views are always welcome. The first time I discovered ATOM, after a bit of research, I came to the conclusion that Cosmos was the next long term worth investing project. But I can say from your “brackets” that we’ve different point of view lol

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You can tell, I’m very open to any opinion. although maybe it will feel heavy :).
BUT sometimes it’s worth knowing, because deepening knowledge and information is very important, I just touched the crypto world in 2020 so I’m really excited.

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I would love to hear it!
Also your take on Luna classic and 2.0 would be cool to hear!

Nope what is it or where can I find it?

What are the different tiers for you in your list?

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@andrea Okay, so Cosmos (ATOM) has two problems:

  1. Do a bit research and you can see that two original founders that write Cosmos Whitepaper are no longer the one on the board that currently lead Cosmos project. I know part of Jae Kwon story: some news said that it’s his fault for his “hitler idea”, but he claimed that he was the “target of a conspiracy”. I don’t know the story of the other one.

  2. “ATOM is a meme token, has no utility. ATOM isn’t used to pay any fee or anything, it just a “for-charity” token. You shouldn’t buy ATOM” - this was one of the Cosmos community leader in my country saying, not mine.

@Shrimp More information on the Cryptopedia by Florian, he “technical compare” all the L1s Crypto Pedia.

It’s based on my opinion, categorized regard those things:

  1. Trust (how much I trust the ecosystem)
  2. Tech (how much the ecosystem can do)

@Dwiki as you know, the Luna Classic has a hyper-inflation problem. So what cause that? On Do Kwon side, some community members said that it was a “co-ordinated attack”. But you see, it come from the design fault:

The stable coin keep its value backed on the price of LUNA/USD. People can always exchange the stable coin back on LUNA: 1 UST = 1$ of LUNA.

The problem is the exchange are backed by LUNA minting - burning mechanism.
But still, at this point it seem fine, don’t it?

No, for a visualization of this problem, imagine you only trade on LUNA chain, exchange into UST on LUNA’s top and exchange into LUNA again at it’s bottom, you made profit.

The problem start here: where did your profit came from??

It actually came from the inflation of LUNA’s token. But that’s not only you, that’s many many other people out there making profit on LUNA’s inflation without knowing about that it’s a ticking bomb. That included the 20% UST reward of Anchor protocol. The inflation, but create no value, is a ticking bomb.

This “invisible bomb” just growing when people keep making money, burn more LUNA, cause the price rise, but at the same time cause UST hyper-inflated by the “no value” inflation.

And the bomb finally explode, like what you have seen last month.

The problem of Luna Classic lie on its design, not on its tech. That’s why they remove the algorithmed stable-coin on Luna 2.0.

Now Luna Classic is just a meme-token without an ecosystem (they already moved on Luna 2.0), with a bad design and people distrust on top of that, do you think it would survive?


I think if that’s true it will be difficult, for Luna to regain her position. even to gain the market’s trust he will be difficult because the scheme they are doing is really like a scam. :). Very sad to realize that their mint and burn mechanism is wrong. And if do kwon takes advantage before the ministry’s attack occurs.

Thanks, but I want to keep trusting Terra at least have to work on improvements so they can get their trust back.