ART token

Ticker: $ART
Max supply: 10 billion
Category: NFT
RRI: art_rr1qwqamfqx28xaj35apqulpy2luf6pdtm0ulsdh2xnj25qpscm93

$ART is a shareholder token that grants holders monthly dividends from the profits of the Artistizen NFT Marketplace running on the Radix Layer 1 DeFi network.

The platform launches with the story-driven high-value Amazed Retro Telefant Collection in March 2022 in a variety of price ranges. 2,311 NFTs will be available on launch day and the same amount will be added each week to a total of 23,110 NFTs with a sales volume of 1,000,000 XRD.

The second collection at launch is a set of hybridNFTs from Radix Network NFT pioneer Artistizen. The Black Circlects Collection will be offered at competitive prices to introduce casual users to the platform and establish the HybridNFT concept. Weekly releases will total to 9,802 NFTs and 100 customised and per-order-produced HybridNFTs for demanding collectors at the end of the 10 week period. Sales volume is 2,200,000 XRD.

Negotiations with artists at 30% commission are taking place with the intention to introduce one NFT collection with 1M sales volume every month throughout 2022. The marketplace will remain curated by the team to guarantee high quality assets. Users will be able to trade and swap NFTs they purchased from the platform.

2022 and first half of 2023 are considered a high-risk “seed period” that establishes the platform and attracts a solid base of users while systematically investing into a high quality NFT portfolio. Full growth is expected after the upgrade of the Radix DeFi network to full smart contract capability end of 2022. Early investors of Seed Round 1 are compensated with a 1:320 $XRD : $ART ratio.

To participate:

Every XRD spent on Tributject NFTs is eligible for 320 ART tokens and monthly dividends from the profits of the Artistizen NFT Marketplace (Q2 2022).

114 Shareholders (see on
124,444,160 ART allocated (12.4%).
1018 XRD current minimum investment.

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Artistizen NFT Marketplace ($ART) Tokenomics:

10B minted fixed coins.
9B locked from trading on DEX.
(Vault, Founders, Divisions, Seed Round 2-5)
6B locked from dividends (Vault and Seed Rounds)

Eligible for dividends: 4B
maximal circulating supply: 1B