Artistizen's Tributjects



25 Radix Team Tributjects in 100 sets to celebrate the launch of Scrypto!
Collecting at least 1 NFT entitles you to recieve ART tokens and dividend payments from the Artistizen NFT Marketplace opening in Q2 2022.

Difference between collectors and traders NFT:

There is no price difference, but as a trader you only keep the place in line, without actually knowing what card you could get.
It’s basically like going to buy a limited pack of pokemon cards but keeping the pack sealed and selling it back later for profit or a trade. You could’ve had a Dan, but you will never know :wink:
So a trader just pays 111 XRD for the reservation in line.
As a collector, you will need to pay the rest of the amount to open your pack.

Price of each NFT: Price started at 1 XRD and increases by 1 XRD with each reservation placed.
Current price can be seen here.



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