Increasing Radix TVL = Greater Visibility

For context, we are now (FINALLY) tracked on defillama ( As a result, because LSU are indeed liquid stake which means its no longer counted at the moment. Correct me if I’m wrong though. One of the best ways to increase TVL metric and show that the community is indeed quite happy to hold on their liquid stake is to provide liquidity as part of an LSU pool. One of the projects currently allow this is CaviarNine.

By providing liquidity, your stake is indeed in the smart contract. For more details on this product from them, please read docs:

I dont have to say this but this is indeed NFA, proceed with caution based on your risk appetite.

Good day yall and hope for a successful Babylon network :tada:

For reference, inspiration was taken directly from Piers:

Update as of 3/11/23:

You can additionally also provide liquidity to:
Ociswap pools as confirmed by @lukas


Great idea! This is an easy opportunity that everyone can do to make Radix more visibile. Checking out DefiLlama it looks like both @ociswap and DefiPlaza are listed and counting in the TVL too:

Am I wrong?

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I would ask the respective projects both Ociswap and DefiPlaza for clarifications but I believe the act of trading as well as providing liquidity should increase TVL as well. Safest thing as far as I know though is providing LSU as liquidity, that would be my preference personally

Let’s ask them then :wink:

@lukas @Jazzer_9F will giving liquidity to your project and/or trading increase DefiLlama’s TVL? Looks like CaviarNine’s getting all the attention!

do vesting contracts increase TVL?

I tried today with Caviar and I can confirm that the TVL on DefiLlama gets updated quite instantly.
what I dont like with lsu pool is only that no wallet (for example shardspace) is unable to correctly report your account total value and that could stop someone putting LSU to work because then it seems you have less value in your account (I have already removed token from the lsu pool for this reason)

Of course all provided liquidity to Ociswap pools counts as well immediately (also the non XRD token in our pairs).

No protocol design ever is completely risk free. There’s math involved, something can unexpectedly work against you etc. Use Ociswap, Caviar and DefiPlaza offerings with caution.

We try to mitigate as much as possible with extensive internal testing and audits, therefore giving us a little more time to deploy more complex features such as concentrated liquidity, hooks, oracles, math libraries, LSU pool (sXRD) etc. ( soon :wink: )


I was thinking we could ceeate a new metric for Radix to help enourage TVL growth…“Proportional Value Locked” being the ratio of TVL to market cap.

Radix is currently around 1% TVL/MC while Solana is about 2.5%

Maybe someone with a functioning brain like @Austin or @NellySayon could use DeFiLlama and Coingecko data to create a leader board chart for “PVL”…?

Why would this be a good metric? Because it controls for size. We as a community could set ourselves the realistic goal of getting Radix to No. 1 in PVL and therefore the pound for pound King of DeFi :crown:

Something for the community to rally around :pray:


That’s a great idea and also a nice way to visualize the growth of our TVL compared to MC. I was thinking about showing the rate of growth of TVL (sort of like the derivative of TVL, would be cool to link spikes to certain events, like the whole “pamp TVL campaign” we’re doing), but maybe your metric is better since it also accounts for market cap.

Or maybe both? :eyes: @NellySayon

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I like the idea of being able to claim we’re the most engaged DeFi community there is…nice tagline and a potentially realistic goal to rally around…

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Hey Leonardo.

The Valuator (Valuator) correctly shows the LSU Pool liquidity value. It’s currently a beta release but soon it will show the value of liquidity too.


We can pump TVL with Ociswap too, adding liquidity in tokens/XRD pools here.

Check out how to here: How to add liquidity to Ociswap liquidity pools

OCI/XRD, the biggest pool, currently has an APR of 1.55%, not bad! Especially if you have some OCI/XRD just hanging around in your wallet.


thank you Mattia! Get this $25m TVL goal


Yes, adding liquidity to DefiPlaza will definitely increase TVL. However, we’re not live yet with public liquidity add.