#ScryptoClassof2022 Week 1, Chapter 1 Rust & Scrypto study group

Welcome everyone to Week 1, Chapter 1 of #ScryptoClassof2022. This all started as just a random post I made in the Radix telegram wondering if I could find a couple others who would join me in learning the basics of Rust in order to learn and start making really cool things with Scrypto. The response has been amazing!


We will cover the first 8 chapters from “The Rust Programming Language” by Steve Klabnik and Carol Nichols. This should be sufficient rust knowledge to really be able to get going with Scrypto. The plan is to do 1 chapter each week starting this week (June 12th 2022).

Everyone who would like to join us, please start reading Chapter 1. I have had now had the opportunity to meet both Clement and Omar who will be assisting us with questions, and we have some seriously smart people to help us along. I am more confident than ever that whoever shows up, reads the chapter each week and participates in discussions will be able to conquer Rust & Scrypto! Discussions for this group will take place in the Radix discord in the Scrypto-class-of-2022 group. We will also be scheduling weekly live Q&As for any and all problems for the content we go over each week. Right now we are tentatively scheduling these on Sundays each week.

Let’s Get Rusty video covering chapter 1 content!

Study Group Schedule

June 12th - June 18th - Chapter 1

June 19th Time TBD - Live Q&A on chapter 1 content

June 19th - June 25th - Chapter 2

June 26th Time 12pm UTC - Live Q&A on chapter 1 - chapter 2 content~~

June 26th - July 2nd - Chapter 3

July 3rd Time 12pm UTC - Live Q&A on chapter 1 - chapter 3 content

July 3rd - July 9th - Chapter 4

July 10th Time 12pm UTC - Live Q&A on chapter 1 - chapter 4 content

July 10th - July 16th - Chapter 5

July 17th Time 12pm UTC - Live Q&A on chapter 1 - chapter 5 content

July 17th - July 23rd - Chapter 6

July 24th Time 12pm UTC - Live Q&A on chapter 1 - chapter 6 content

July 24th - July 30th - Chapter 7

July 31st Time 12pm UTC - Live Q&A on chapter 1 - chapter 7 content

July 31st - August 6th - Chapter 8

August 7th Time 12pm UTC - Live Q&A on chapter 1 - chapter 8 content

I would like to give a big shout out to the sponsors of this group:

Radup.io donating $XRD

Ociswap.com donating $OCI

Delphibets.com donating $DPH

Daxter donating Scrypto Chaps NFTs and Radix Pandas NFTs

Cerberrads.com donating CerberRad NFTs

All donations will be awarded to those active students that are contributing to the course and helping others solve problems each week! I will also be contributing Scrypto Punks NFTs for my own reward each week.

Here is the free web version of the book we are using for this course. It is extremely well written and has been very easy for me to follow thus far.


Setting up your computer for developing with Rust/Scrypto

Installing Rust and Scrypto on MacOS - from James Yeoh

Installing Rust and Scrypto on Windows – from Austin

Generic install links below


VS Code

rust-analyzer extension

read through the “Install Scrypto Toolchain” steps from Radix docs


Visual Studio Build Tools 2019 - C++ Development too

Just to show you guys what level of coding experience I have as I am starting out, I had no idea how github worked or any console commands. Below are the basic git commands and you can learn more about git here:

Github Tutorial For Beginners - Github Basics for Mac or Windows & Source Control Basics

Github download

Git download


Git clone pulls any repository in from url

Git status shows status

Git add add new files or changes to repository

Git commit -m “” locks into repository locally, with message

Git push pushes commits up to github.com

Git pull pulls down from github.com

these only work within the directory of the github repository

Here are a few helpful Windows CMD functions you need to know to make your life easier.

  • cd Displays the current directory
  • cd … Changes directory back on level
  • dir Displays a list of files and subdirectories in a directory.
  • mkdir Creates a directory

Guide for Mac/Linux

File Management Commands in macOS

  • pwd Displays the current directory
  • cd Changes the current directory
  • ls Lists files
  • file Displays file type
  • locate Finds files using a predefined database
  • which Searches the PATH variable for files
  • find Finds files on the filesystem based on certain criteria
  • cp Copies files and directories
  • mv Moves/renames files and directories
  • rm Removes files and directories
  • rmdir Removes empty directories
  • mkdir Creates empty directories

From https://www.comptia.org/blog/applying-your-linux-skills-to-macos-terminal-bash-and-common-commands

Supplmental Info

Learning rust by tons of small examples

Peter Kim’s Scrypto Journey!


Awesome Videos

Rust Crash Course | Rustlang - Helpful crash course

Getting started with Scrypto - This material has not been covered yet but provided in case you want to experiment

Radix DeFi, Scrypto, and Smart Contract Learning Event - Live from Lisbon

I’ll be editing this post to make it more complete as we go. We can begin discussing now with any questions that you may come across. No question is too stupid so please don’t be shy. I would also like for others to contribute to this effort so if you see I have missed anything important, please add it to the thread for week 1. Its not too late to start your journey with us into Scrypto, join us here:

Radix DLT <— discord server invite link

All you have to do is scroll down the chats on the left all the way to the developer section where you will see scrypto-class-of-2022