Should play to earn games be part of Radix future?

Radix should bring best quality of games to get money flow in network ,now play to earn is going to expand because many big gaming studies are going to engage in crypto field…


There already are some games that are being developed with Radix in mind. For example Raduel | Radix MMORPG. There are also some NFTs that are working on gaming like Radish Eco, RaccoonCity and Sons of Heaven

Radix-Collection is also working on a play to earn/win rewards game as far as I know. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s in their roadmap I think.

What kind of games would you like to see on Radix?


Ducks Mafia and Daxter (Enter the Radtrix) are also working on games. Actually both showcased some simple games.


I’m not sure how important it is to have play to earn games specifically - it’s nearly impossible to sustain a balanced economy long term where you can actually play to earn.

Play, and then trade in-game / interoperable assets to recoup some of your time investment - sure. But play as a full time job? Doubtful.

I’m more interested in games that integrate with web3 technologies like NFTs in some way.


100% agreed on this. The whole play to earn thing seems to be more of a gimmick more than anything else.

During booms it provides an income to people for wasting their time on a game. Grinding these mind-numbing games for a basic income is a terribly sad way to spend your life imo. And it creates morally questionable structures with those ‘sponsors’ that provide initial capital in exchange for a cut of the income. Edging pretty close to modern slavery.

During busts everybody loses. I have yet to find the added value of play-to-earn over just staking and providing rewards. What’s the point of making people waste their time as well?

But the combination of web3 and games has tons of potential imo. I think Radix is well positioned to help unlock that potential. :slight_smile:


That’s why I’m excited for games like radical strikers or raduel. In the former case, entirely focused on the game, the NFT is just to fund development and will not influence the quality of the game. It’s a single player game, so the rifle is just a perk.

In the case of raduel the NFTs are more integrated as advantages, so slightly p2w in an MMO, but it’s not play to earn.

If you really want a game, then what should that game be, what type of game should it be, what would you like to see in it. In: P2E, and Puzzle type.
And what’s in your mind please tell which type of Game you want :point_down::point_down::point_down:

A KOL-like game. Every day you have a limited amount of turns, it’s a text-based, turn-based strategy MMORPG with progression and ascension (new game+)

Search Kingdom of Loathing for more info if that interests you

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This spiked my interest. I was a big fan of TBS games before MMORPG era. HoMM III still my favorite. Will check Kingdom of Loathing (some time).

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One aspect of KoL that makes it great is that it’s very humorous, it’s filled with pop culture references, jokes, and puns. Also, the community is good and there is an active chatroom.

I would personally love to have P2E games within Radix. You can actually USE your NFTs for something and get some nice rewards. It keeps people in the ecosystem.

I think its crucial they are, play to earn is going to be massive and I cannot see why it cannot walk on radix since its a smart contract platform

Um yes please? P2E is going to continue to grow in general these next few years. Just look at $GMT / StepN for reference. If we get one good P2E game on Radix it would bring in a ton of new users to Radix. OCIswap had a cool P2E promotion/airdrop campaign a few months back with Farbo’s World. That was definitely popular and brought in a lot of new people. I know Daxter is working on a P2E game for his project which could be cool.

They must, I think. Play-to-earn games and their surrounding platforms are simply examples of frictionless economic opportunity and meritocratic participation across geographies.

StepN is already collapsing.

Show me a play2earn game that has an economic model that’s sustainable and I may change my opinion.

Nowadays defi and stuff such as play2earn are still in their embryonic stage. Projects - no matter how potentially good they are - are easy to collapse. They are and they will. StepN is an example. 2 years of developing and reassembling - when xian will be finally released - are a quite amount of time to learn and finally create an economically sustainable play2earn.

I think play to earn trend gone so,play to earn not to be part of radix. Radix will make new concept like nft staking or etc

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I don’t think play to earn is sustainable, at least in the current form. A better term would be Play and Earn, where the focus is on the fun of the game and the economic part is just a side bonus. You want your players first to have fun and then to hustle for some particular items. Right now P to E games focus just on the economics because it pays out faster and the so called gamers are interested more in returns rather than the game itself, so when rewards are gone the whole system collapses.

I think Radix is best positioned to represent the interoperable economic layer for what they call now the Metaverse, because you can accomodate millions of users across all games and you can switch assets from one to the other without problems. Now compare with the next best metaverse chains and they have 9k TPS at best or are split into sidechains for each game.

I will talk more about this in London at the Radix community meetup on 2 July if you’re interested, in connection to our Foton SDK project.


This is great look on this topic. I like it. I must listen to recent twitter space you were featured.

I’m not sure if this is the first P2E game on Radix but you could win some NFTs just by playing and collecting daxter tokens: